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Monday, November 06, 2006

Voxtrot along with Magic Bullets and Yellow Fever 11.04.06

Now don't lie, but I know there are those of you out there, including me, who just can't wait to get the supporting artists off the stage and get the main event going. I finally saw Voxtrot over the weekend after missing them twice this year. Tagging along was another Austin band, Yellow Fever, and a San Francisco {hometown} band, Magic Bullets. I've never heard of both so I did what any music fan would do and check out their songs online.

I wasn't impressed.

So came show time, Yellow Fever opened first and suprised me with their poppy beats and quirky but catchy short lyrics. A couple of songs into their set, I caught myself groovin and shakin.

Donald - Yellow Fever

Download more songs

Up next was San Francisco's own, Magic Bullets. The front man came out with a pair of maracas, I had a feeling it was going to be another dance party. The lead singer started dancing all over the stage and the crowd just couldn't help but dance along. The rhythmic keyboards hip shaking beats were just too contagious. I think of this band as a San Francisco version of The Hives, with the '80s like pop beats.

Lay Low - Magic Bullets

Download more songs

Last but not least was Voxtrot, no explanation needed for this. The moment they hit the stage, I knew it was time to let go of everything and just ride the music. From my favorite, "Raised by Wolves", to the new song, "Your Biggest Fan,"it was downright a burn the dancefloor party. It was everything I expected it to be. I haven't been to a show since early May, and this show took a toll on me. I'm still suffering from P.G.S.S, {post groovin and shakin too much syndrome}. I fell asleep in Physics lecture for the first time today, and I love that class.

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives - Voxtrot

Voxtrot Website

Buy Your Biggest Fan E.P

As for my photographs, they're mainly of Ramesh, because all the light was focused on him and the other band members were so dark that it was suicide photographing them. I decided to shoot in black and white because the lighting on stage was so poor, it was pointless trying to capture a single colour. I seriously need a better flash, stock flash just won't cut it, so I have to rely on bad stage lighting and my fstop only goes up to 2.9. And sorry for the bad angles, live photography isn't really my thing, and even though I was first in line and got a good spot, I lost it because Voxtrot's merch guy and I had to find Jared so I can get his new EP.

A Couple more photos from the show

All in all, it was an awesome dance party and I hope there's good lighting at The Fillmore when Chan Marshall performs in two weeks, and I have a feeling she won't be moving around too much like these guys.


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