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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Team Camera Crowd No. 4

About three months ago we said goodbye to our 3rd batch of photographers and began accepting applications for the new group. It took us awhile to unveil the new group because we were swamped with personal things and the fact that we extended the submission date. I know some of you guys haven't applied due to the traffic in our photoblog. Let's face it, we get more traffic for the music blog rather than the photoblog. But we're a small blog run by two people who don't want to spend the whole day infront of the computer, it's just tough. We're working our way to expanding the photography aspect of this site so that the traffic between the music blog and the photoblog will be balanced.

So without further ado, Anne and I want to introduce to you guys our new batch of photographers who's talented and emotive work will grace our photoblog for the next 3 months. For our last batch, we had two talented ladies and a guy. It's the opposite this time around, we have two talented guys gracing from Eastern U.S and one bright gal from Singapore. Congrats to them and please visit the photoblog every now and then let them know what you think of their work.

Take out the Party Punch from Oh No! Oh My! and let's go go go!

Alexander Bowman, from Greensboro, North Carolina

"I feel like my sense of design and knack for composition , gained from doing other artwork sets me apart from alot of other people. I feel like I can capture colors and moods fairly well, and I still have alot of room to improve."

Christopher Moore, from Westminster, Maryland

"The world is beautiful. People are beautiful. Even if things are not outwardly beautiful…decaying things, destroyed things, things of strife and sorrow…. We can take them in our minds and twirl and twist them with our cameras and our tools and we can take into account the aesthetic and the story and everything that makes this object more than just that and we make it a picture. It is because of this that I think art is the most powerful force of humanity. We change the world around us in six hundredths of a second."

Nurul, from Singapore

"I realize that I’ve begun to shoot with more seriousness. I look out for the messages inscribed in certain compositions I want to frame and emote. Plus, it’s nice to capture these little pockets of reality that is constantly fleeting. Photos help freeze them in thought and memory"

-Charlie and Anne

Sunday, October 21, 2007

dear elliott,

I always listen to your cover of Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" first, you sound so happy. It's 2002, you're playing in Portland's Satyricon. Remember that's when you invited several people onstage to sing with you and one of the audience members onstage is so into harmonizing the song that you can't help but let out a chuckle while you're singing. There's also a part before that where you say "you gotta get closer to the mic" to a girl on the stage and she laughs. There's a sudden pause during the song, which you fill with a grin and, "oh shit, what's the next part?" When you finish the song and you tell the Portland crowd you have one song left and ask if they want a new or old song, there's silence and then an uproar. People shout their favorite songs and others tell you to play both, and by the time I realize the track ends, I'm listening to another live track which follows right after it on my iTunes.

It's you singing "King's Crossing" at the Henry Fonda Theater, it's January 2003. In the beginning of the recording, I let my mind imagine what it was like. You on the stage alone and a sea of faces all turned to you and you let out a shaky "Hi, how are you y'all?" I can make out some people shouting "We love you," and you return the same three words like you would to your friends in a teasing genuine way, and I can just make out that smile of yours I've seen so many times in photographs, and you follow it by a "thanks for coming..." but sometimes I can't make it through that track, it tears me apart, when you sing "because I took my own insides out", with the last word landing so harshly into the air before it echoes through the theater, how you sound so hurt and in pain.

I never really know what to do when this day makes its way to the front of the calendar, I just know I miss you and I can only hope you finally found happiness and I'll see you in heaven, that is if there is one and if there is one, you're sure to be in it.

Download + Donate:

» I'm Only Sleeping (02.19.2000 @ Satyricon, Portland) | Elliott Smith
» King's Crossing (01.31.2003 @ Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles) | Elliott Smith


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Voxtrot,The Little Ones @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (10/14/07)

Sunday night, Voxtrot brought Texas to Williamsburg and what a wonderful and energetic show it was. Doesn't seem a little surgery prevents Ramesh or the band from putting on a freakin' fantasticsuperstellar, show not that I doubted them for one nanosecond, get better Ramesh! The Little Ones also put on a great set, with their sunny LA smiles and addictive melodies and shaking maracas. Both The Little Ones and Voxtrot will be playing CMJ showcases (Voxtrot is playing at BV's Bowery Ballroom show tonight and at 4PM they're playing a free all ages show with Jack Penate at Fontana's!), so make sure you check them out this week and for those who don't live in NY no worries, both bands will most likely be touring in a city near you, just check out their websites listed in links below. The setlist for Voxtrot's set is right after the photos and you can also view all of the photos from this show here.


Kid Gloves
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Your Biggest Fan
Soft & Warm
Raised By Wolves
New Song
Brother In Conflict
The Start of Something

Download + Purchase:

Ghost | Voxtrot
Lovers Who Uncover | The Little Ones


» Voxtrot's Official Site
» Voxtrot's Official MySpace
» The Little Ones' Official Site
» The Little Ones' Official MySpace


PS. We will have a new kind of post that is a sort of follow-up to select show posts. They'll be titled Series: followed by the band name, date and location of the show. (this is what I'm talking about when I said 'special' Beirut post in the pass it on box) These are posts that will only have black and white and one day color photos that are taken by film cameras (not digital pretending to be b/w).

These may be posted as late as a month after the show has happened, since it takes time to process film, develop prints individually, scanned, uploaded, etc. I've been taking photos of shows with 35mm for awhile now, and I guess it's time to share some of them. Since I'm talking about it on this post, you've probably already figured out the second
Series post is Voxtrot, but in case, it's a late night where you are, now you know.

Monday, October 15, 2007

3 minute entry: Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader)

*latest update on 01/17/08*I've been meaning to post about Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader) ***the project name has been changed to Jimmy Two Fingers*** for a long time, boy that's a mouthful, but somehow I never got around to it. What with sweater season right around the corner you might think it's just cold where you are, but it's really his music that's raising goosebumps along your forearms.

It's his deep cavernous voice that you'll fall for first, but then you'll find his lyrics will linger in your head throughout the day. One-liners will make themselves at home such as, "I'll find a hole in the sun and put stuff inside it, and if it gets too full the lights go out and my world will come undone, like this..." in Astronomy (Undone), which then leads to this beautiful banjo part, with backing tambourines.

When you're hearing the songs for the first time, try and listen to the lyrics and instead of following the different instrument parts, no matter how beautiful they are! It'll be hard I know, because I didn't truly listen to the exact words he was singing for about half a year. I was so distracted by the variations of rough and soft nuances of his voice or I'd just get so caught up in waiting for the banjo part to unveil in "Astronomy" or let my mind get wrapped around the falling piano keys in "Curtains". When I finally listened to the lyrics throughout the full song, it was like listening to a whole new song.

I don't know a lot about the guy behind this project except, he was nice enough to send me some songs when I asked if he had any songs I could put on a blog. His name's Jimmy Magliozzi and he has a myspace up for the project, which I linked below. He's also in a four-person band called The Beaux Champs, that is in another musical vein; they put out a full length this summer called Hold Your Fire.

Stream + Download + More:

Astronomy (Undone) | Jimmy Two Fingers

Curtains | Jimmy Two Fingers


» Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader)'s Official MySpace
» The Beaux Champs' Official MySpace


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take it Away Annie Clark

Yeah I know we haven't been posting, Anne's just overwhelmed with loads of school stuff, and what's my excuse? Well I've been focusing everything on my photography and finding a part time job, I have a couple of projects planned and it's just been my main priority. I haven't been up to date with music as well. Until we get that settled, you won't see that much posts from us.

With that being said, I just want to inform all you Annie Clark (St. Vincent) fans that there's three new Take Away shows on Blogotheque. Vincent Moon and Blogotheque has done it again. St. Vincent performs; "Marry me", "Jesus saves, I spend", and "Paris Is Burning". Most, if not all of the Take Away Shows are pretty intimate, but these St. Vincent performances are as intimate as they can get. You have the darling Annie Clark lying in her bed, with her guitar, singing "Marry Me". The mood of the performance just makes you feel like you're actually there, sitting next to her and she's singing to you.

Watch the videos, get the album if you haven't, it's been out for months now, and we'll be back more posts later.

Here's one of the videos:

Stream + Download + Purchase

Marry Me | St. Vincent


» St.Vincent website
» The Take-Away Shows
» Buy Album
» Upcoming UK tour dates
*Edit, from anne: for all the people in New York, St. Vincent will be playing an in-store at Other Music, for free, of course, next Tuesday(10/16) at 8PM. get there early, it's kind of a tiny store and St. Vincent is 'kind of' amazing.

and to charlie, I am not overwhelmed!
I'm just living. =)*