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Monday, October 30, 2006

The undead roams A Camera in the Crowd

It's that time of the year again, when scary midterm election ads are everywhere, horror movies are on every night, and that certain winter smell in the air.

It's halloween!!!

To me, It marks the end of nasty summer weather and welcome in winter with open arms. Here at A Camera in the Crowd, you know we're all about treats and not tricks. So I came up with a playlist that you can play while you're trick or treating and satisfying that sweeth tooth or while applying make up to go along with your devilish hooker costume.

This year, I don't think Anne and I are dressing up, it's the lack of costume ideas and money. I don't even have enough for a d.i.y costume. So I thought to myself, how can i gratify both audiences who wanna enjoy halloween? To those of you who are just staying home and handing out candies to little trick or treaters, you can keep yourself busy by renting a horror film.

I don't know much about good horror flicks, so i've consulted my good friend/horror film fanatic Emily, to give us input on her most favorite horror flicks of all time. So hit up your local video store or netflix and rent these movies.

*wicker man (1973 version)
[i haven't seen the remake with nicholas cage, but i definitely think the '73 version is superior. i've sen trailers for the remake, and it looks like several details were changed.]
the story is set on a remote island in scotland. the followers of a pagan religion scarifice an innocent man in order to produce successful crops. the wicker man shows the powerful and, in this case, frightening control religion has on people.

se7en is definitely a thriller that keeps you guessing. the killer uses his "work" to teach the world about the seven deadly sins. the mystery definitely sucks you in. it might also make you appreciate life a little more.

*the mothman prophecies
mothman is based on true events (look it up, it's very interesting!). a strange being makes itself known in a small town. it's a puzzling, surreal movie about the unknown. it sure kept me from looking out the window at night...

*the hills have eyes (i'm a fan of both the original and remake)
anything could go wrong at any time! it shows what people are capable of doing to each other, and what people would to to survive. there's great action and exciting attacks and killings.

*silent hill
many people who are fans of the game find problems with the movie version of silent hill. i haven't played the game much, so i wasn't too familiar with characters or scenes. with that said, i thought the movie was exciting. the graphics were great and the characters were horrifying.

*cannibal holocaust
this is the most disgusting movie i've ever seen. i don't recommend this to anyone, really. it's one of the most controversial and famous italian cannibal movies. it's about a group filmmakers who travel to the amazon and encounter deadly native tribes. the gore in the movie is so real and so horrible that I almost threw up. Don't watch this unless you really know what you're getting yourself into...

*night of the living dead
the movie that sparked my passion for zombies! the first in the "...of the dead" movies. it's filmed in black and white and it's beautiful. unlike the newer movies, Night moves slowly before any awesome zombie attacks. this may bore some people, but the second half of the movie is well worth the wait. it's a classic and must see for any horror fan.

Date With The Night-playlist

1. Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2. The Genocide Ball - The Robot Ate Me
3. Haunted Castle - Belaire
4. Werewolf (live version) - Cat Power
5. Monster Hospital - Metric
6. Strange Machines - Peter and the Wolf
7. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh! - Sufjan Stevens


Last minute Halloween "costumes" - Printable masks from the S.F Chronicle - Search Halloween related events in your area.
Netflix - Rent those horror movies

p.s: Don't forget to share some of your halloween fotos if you plan on shooting tomorrow night.
And special thanks to Emily for providing us the horror flick recommendation.


Friday, October 27, 2006

The Bridge

Photo by: 4pizon

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognized monument in the world, drawing tourists and photographers from all over the world. It connects the city of San Francisco to the Marin County. I pass it everytime i visit my aunt and it's mysterious beauty never gets old. What you may not know is that the Golden Gate Bridge is a magnet for suiciders.

The Bridge, a documentary film by Eric Steel comes out in theaters today. "It shows people climbing over the 4-foot railing and jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. It was filmed using hidden cameras over the course of 2004." You know for a fact that this movie is going to be downright depressing and disturbing. Many are arguing that this is a very inhumane movie with a director taking advantage of people's horific deaths and using it as a commercial feature.

The moment i heard about this movie a couple of months ago at the San Francisco Indie Film Festival, I decided it was a must see. Not that I wanna see people jumping to their deaths, it's just that this movie will raise my awareness about people committing suicide and ways to deter them from that path.

If you live in the bay area, you know there has been an ongoing campaign to build a fence on the Golden Gate to prevent people from jumping. Eric Steel's intention was to raise awareness on that campaign and to prevent others from becoming suicides.

Even after seeing numerous clips of this movie, and knowing that it'll be hard to watch and forget, I still want to see it. The images of people falling into the ocean is something that will be hard to forget and hard to ignore.

Watch the Trailer

The Bridge Website

San Francisco Chronicle: Lethal Beauty : A seven part series on the Golden Gate Barrier debate that includes heartbreaking stories from families who are victims of bridge jumpers.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Jenny Lewis w/ Okkervil River @ Numbers, Houston, 10/22/06

Oh Jenny Lewis and Will Sheff, you guys are the greatest. Last night was definitely one of the best shows I've been to. The opening band, Oakley Hall was mediocore and didn't really catch my attention. Their style was all over the place from psychedelic, rock, country to what the?

Anyways, after a confusing listen to Oakley Hall, we waited around for Okkervil River to set up. I'm not too familiar with Okkervil River's material, but they were so amazing live. Somehow I thought Will Sheff and the rest of the band would just be kind of mellow-y and staying in one place the whole set, but was I wrong! Will Sheff was jumping around at the most climatic parts of songs and you could see drummer, Travis Nelson was smiling and having a great time; he'd randomly throw and catch his drumsticks. Most drummers that I see live look as if they're angry or just so focused they don't even bother to look into the audience. I loved Will and bassist, Patrick Pestorius's bantering about reminders of exploding science projects and dads. I love how Brian Cassidy has such a manly-outdoorsy look, and how that clashed with the tiny mandolin he has plays."For Real", "Westfall" and relatively new song, "The President's Dead" along with several others. I have a feeling that their set was somehow shorter than the opening band or maybe, it's because they played so amazingly, time just flew by.

Jenny Lewis started with her live version of "Run Devil Run", which she actually wrote so she wouldn't feel embarassed while testing mics onstage. It grew into a slew of songs of "Big Guns", "You Are What You Love", "Happy", "Melt Your Heart", "Born Secular", "The Charging Sky", "Rise Up With Fists!!!"and also several new songs like "Jack Killed Mom", "Acid Tongue", "Fernando", "Carpetbaggers" and a cool a cappella with the Watson twins, "I Met Him On a Sunday". I didn't write down what order, but there they are. In the middle of the set, the Watson Twins and Jenny Lewis left the stage for change of clothes. While the audience was guessing where she went, the rest of the band played an intro to the next song on the list, while Johnathan Rice introduced everyone on stage, finishing off introducing Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins.
They walked onstage with the Watson twins in matching copper shiny minidresses and Jenny donned in a gold minidress. This "Act II" of the set was a much more upbeat companion to the first slower-paced beginning. Jenny would sometimes dance with the Watson twins and they would be dancing synchronized and everyone was having fun onstage. She also introduced a lot of the new songs during this half.

During the ending of what was percieved as the last song, Jenny first left and then the other members of the band left one by one, until there was only drummer Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley) was remaining drumming like a madman. Then he left too and the stage was so bare. The audience screamed, clapped, whistled, and did anything for Jenny to come back and play more songs. For probably two minutes, it was an ongoing restless requests for more. Till, each of the band members finally coming back onstage. They were surprised coming out and even more when someone threw a bra with a telephone number written on it, "Thanks for the...bra," Jenny commented. She then proceeded to play a new song called "Jack Killed Mom" and several others ending with the Traveling Wilburys cover "Handle With Care".

What a night!

{There are more photos on my flickr.}

Look for your city:
>>> Okkervil River tours Europe next!
<<< rest of Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins tour

Downloads for you:
>>> For Real | Okkervil River
<<< Melt Your Heart | Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

Purchase the cds:
>>> Okkervil River shop
<<< Jenny Lewis with the Watson twins shop


I met Arielle who reads cameracrowd at this show, how crazy and cool. It was so nice meeting you and I hope to see you and possibly other people who might just read this at other shows!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

we miss you elliott

August 16th 1969 ~ October 21st 2003

As some of you know, today marks the third year since Elliott Smith has passed away. Charlie and I both love listening to his music and we miss him in words that can't explain. My first Elliott Smith song was "Between the Bars" and from there, I dove into his whole discography. There is something about listening to his music that separates you from the world. It is so strange, but it's as if he understands everything you've felt, you're feeling, you're going to feel. His voice has a kind of vulnerability, but that's not to be confused as weak, there's this openess and you feel safe with his honesty.

I revisited an Elliott Smith LiveJournal community I use to be in and met upon this tribute video a member made. It's possibly the most beautiful video I'll ever see, thank you Mandy for letting us share this!

Some background history:
A lot of his songs have been used in movies, like "Miss Misery" is in
Good Will Hunting, his cover of Cat Stevens' "Trouble" and Big Star's "Thirteen" are both in Thumbsucker along with his song "Let's Get Lost" off the album he was working on before he died, From a Basement on a Hill, which was later released by his friends and family. He was also nominated for an Oscar for most original song in '98 for "Miss Misery" in Good Will Hunting. The nomination led to his departure from record label, Kill Rock Stars onto major label Dreamworks Records.

Discography and a few words:If you have not heard of Elliott Smith or his songs, please go to a record store and pick up an album. Any one of these albums are worthy of buying, they're all amazing and will become worn from spinning so much from your stereo/cd player. As Anita said in Almost Famous, when she told her brother, William to look under his bed for her album collection, "It will set you free".

Cavity Search
Roman Candle

A lot of no name songs and it's a very simple album. Not a lot of any other instruments other than his guitar. This was recorded when he was still in the band, Heatmiser.

Kill Rock Stars

Elliott Smith

This is the only full-length album of his I don't own. The beautiful song, "Needle in the Hay" is on it and so are both "Clementine" and "The Biggest Lie".

Kill Rock Stars

I'd recommend you buy this one first out of the others. The hauntingly beautiful song, "Angeles" is on here along with, "No Name No.5", "Say Yes" and soothing "Between the Bars". Again, not a lot of studio-messing around yet. He will later on fall in love with the studio and eventually build piece by piece his own, now called New Monkey Studios bought and owned by Joel Graves(Earlimart) who was friends with Elliott.

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Probably the most accessible album soundwise. If you wanted to introduce Elliott to friends who aren't familiar with music out of the mainstream, here is the perfect album for them. Lots of studio fiddling, but not the bad stuff. I'm talking more instruments, string arrangements, nice harmonies. Amazing layered recorded finger-pickings on "Tomorrow Tomorrow". You'll fall in love with "Oh, Well Okay", "Bottle Up and Explode", "Sweet Adeline" and "Independence Day".

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Figure 8

A very different style. Almost no "just guitar" tracks, except for "Everything Reminds Me of Her". Lots of piano and electric guitar and upbeat at times like, "Wouldn't Mama Be Proud". Haunting piano for "Everything Means Nothing to Me". Also "Can't Make a Sound" introduces a strangely epic feel. That sort of foreshadows this style in his next From a Basement on the Hill.
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From a Basement on a Hill

Released after his death by his friends and family. Jon Brion also helped doing additional recording. Elliott's close friends, Rob Schnapf and Joanna Bolme mixed the album. It is extremely dark in lyrics and in sound. There are quiet songs like "Let's Get Lost" and "Twilight", but mostly epic and electric-drizzled songs like, "A Distorted Reality is now a Necessity to be Free", "King's Crossing". This is such a good album, but not what I think of foremost, when I think of Elliott. This album should be reserved for either people who like "harder/noiser" music or people who are already familiar with his other albums.

now a few downloads for you:

>>> Condor Ave. | Elliott Smith from Roman Candle
Between the Bars | Elliott Smith from Either/Or
>>> Bottle Up and Explode! | Elliott Smith from Xo
<<< Happiness | Elliott Smith from Figure 8
>>> A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free | Elliott Smith from From A Basement on the Hill

a few important&awesome links for you:

Sweet Adeline: official Elliott Smith site
<<< Elliott Smith: B-sides and out of print downloads
>>> Trash Treasury: Elliott Smith demos/videos
<<< New Monkey Studio: Elliott Smith's studio, now owned by Joel Graves(Earlimart) and Robert Cappadona
>>> The Stranger: a new Elliott Smith fan site
<<< Elliott Smith's official store: all proceeds will go towards the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund


Friday, October 20, 2006

Marie Antoinette and Sofia Coppola

In theatres today is the film Marie Antoinette from my favorite director, Sofia Coppola. Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's daughter, and the director responsible for unforgettable movies such as The Virgin Suicides, and my favorite, Lost in Translation.

This is her third movie, just like her other two movies, we have another young woman, played by Kirsten Dunst being the center of attention. Here's a little French history review for those of you who aren't familiar with Marie Antoinette.

*She was married to Louis XVI at the age of 14.
*She was executed by guillotine for the crime of treason.

That's all you need to know.

The movie is off to a bad start, inheriting mediocre to bad reviews from critics, and was booed at the Cannes film festival. Basically critics are saying this movie is one big party and lacking the historical aspects it should have. Hello! It's an imaginative interpretation of Marie Antoinette's teenage life. Want accurate history? Check your local listings for Marie Antoinette specials on the History Channel or PBS.

Like the critics said, the movie is one big party, and what do you need to have a big party? Good music of course. Who's behind the soundtracks for all of Sofia Coppola's movies, Sofia Coppola herself and her music supervisor Brian Reitzell.
Brian Reitzell is also responsible for the soundtracks of Friday Night Lights, Thumbsucker, and Will Ferrell's new movie Stranger than Fiction. You can't go wrong with Sofia Coppola and Brian Reitzell's music choices. Did you check out the Lost in Translation soundtrack? Hands down can kick the indietastic soundtrack that Zach Braff made. Read the current issue of Filter magazine for more on that.
The Marie Antoinette soundtrack consists of 80's pop and new wave music mixed with classical, from artists like The Cure, New Order, and Bow Wow Wow.

So if you have nothing to do this weekend and think you deserve a break from all the midterms you've been having, go see Marie Antoinette.

Here are a couple of songs that tie in with Sofia Coppola and her movies. Note Phoenix is here, not only were they a part of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, but Sofia Coppola is pregnant with Thomas Mars' child, yeah Phoenix's frontman.

Just like Honey- The Jesus & Mary Chain

City Girl-Kevin Shields

Too Young-Phoenix

Some Links:

Marie Antoinette

Buy the Marie Antoinette soundtrack

Buy the Lost in Translation soundtrack

Sofia Mini (For those of you who are old enough to drink, yes, she has her own sparkling wine, and it's in a can.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 minute entry: Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins Live @ the 930 Club

To those of you who didn't know, Jenny Lewis had a sold out show in Washington D.C and was webcasted live on If you missed it, i have life saving links for you. This webcast serves as a consolation prize to those who will miss Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins on tour this fall, a good example of that would be me, but Anne will be seeing Jenny this following Sunday!

I set up two links that will let you download the show but in different formats. The link is one big file, the downside, it doesn't have Handle Me With Care and the vocals are a bit low. The other link, which was provided by, has all the songs separated into 18 different files. Although not bunched up into one big file, these have a better quality than the download.

****Please, be kind and don't stream the files. Right click and Save as.

NPR : Jenny Lewis in Concert

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins : download

Jenny Lewis Fall Tour


Saturday, October 14, 2006

please be careful out there!

I just learned that last night a HPD officer walked into Walter's on Washington's(a music venue in downtown Houston, TX) during Two Gallants set to follow through on a noise issue. Somehow through trying to get Two Gallants to lower the volume or something, the police pulled out his taser and used it on the crowd and the band members. Several people from the crowd got arrested and also Tyson from Two Gallants, but he's out and Two Gallants is going on with the tour. Instruments and equipment were also apparently destroyed by the cop at the scene. I'm getting this from people who were at the show and mostly just summarizing this thread from the Two Gallants forum. I recommend you to read the posts on that thread and there are also a couple of videos on there too of the incident.

I don't know what the story is, even I couldn't believe it when I saw a 15 clip on the news, but these things can happen.

If this ever happens at any show you are at; I recommend you to get out of that venue as fast as you can.

I know it sounds like, god, I'm not a coward and I'm going to defend my band goddammit, but honestly I think you are just going to make it worse if you interfere. The police will already feel powerless, since they are naturally outnumbered, so they will probably use what they have in order to gain control. Of course, will I follow my own advice, if the same situation comes up in the future, I can't promise you that I will. But for the smarter ones out there, the key is to make petitions, write letters and beat down the door of the police department.

I am extremely worried about bands that are coming up to play soon at Walter's, such as Thunderbirds Are Now! and Voxtrot. Also this kind of shook me up a bit, because Walter's is a venue I go to a lot and it's just strange and frightening to see something bad happen there. I also saw The Departed today, which parallels to the ugly side of cops and such.

Some links:

>>> Two Gallants Site
<<< Two Gallants Forum Thread
>>> MySpace page w/comments, a video and pictures of this
<<< Pitchfork interviews Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Two fave Austin bands on the move

Austin is three hours away, yet somehow I feel more connected to that city spiritually, musically and economically than Houston. Thank goodness, that bands don't just play in their own city! Both cameracrowd favorites Voxtrot and Peter and the Wolf are preparing to tour!

related post to Voxtrot>>>
3 minute entry: Voxtrot: Your Biggest Fan EP
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a few weeks ago...

Smooth voice and catchy beats, Voxtrot gives you both a little of Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths and they're in for a mini tour, with a new mini EP to go with it. Your Biggest Fan EP will be on sale for the Austin show on October 28th, Sat and released everywhere else on Nov. 7th. It's available for pre-order on Insound and many other webstores. Type in voxtrotdiscount if you're going to pre-order from Insound to get 15% off! It also has one of my now favorite photographers, Annie Gunn's photo on the new EP cover, who also shot the photograph that graces Voxtrot's Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives EP cover.

{photo by: ???}
Tune in&purchase:
...from upcoming EP Your Biggest Fan

Voxtrot | Trouble

...from Raised By Wolves EP

Voxtrot | The Start of Something

Find your city:

10-26 Houston, TX - Walter's
10-27 Denton, TX - Hailey's
10-28 Austin, TX - Emo's

11-01 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
11-02 San Francisco, CA - Popscene
11-04 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
11-05 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
11-06 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
11-07 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

for more info on Voxtrot's tour.

{photo by: ???}

"I'd like to think he's our modern day troubadour. The most honest form of music-making and the proof will hit you as soon as you hear his voice that will stay you your whole life filling your head with his stories."

and he did. Not only that, but Peter and the Wolf just recently signed onto The Worker's Institute, a L.A.-based record label with bands like Sigur Ros and My Latest Novel on its roster! Plus, coming right out is Lightness his first official release scheduled to come out on Oct. 31st for North America; it's listed to be released elsewhere on Nov. 06th! Did I mention he's touring???

Tune in&purchase:
...from new album Lightness

Peter and the Wolf | Safe Travels

...from S/T

Peter and the Wolf | Couches by the Sea

Find your city:
10-11 Austin, TX - Peacock's: CD release
10-12 Houston, TX - Super Happy Funland
10-13 Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves
10-14 Tuscon, TX - Club Congress: Big AZ Fest
10-17 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
10-18 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
10-19 Omaha, NE - Sokol Underground
10-20 Minneapolis, MN - The 400 Bar
10-21 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10-22 Knoxville, TN - The Pilot Light
10-23 Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10-24 Athens, GA - Tasty World
10-25 Charleston, SC - The Map Room (free!)
10-26 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
10-27 Winston Salem, NC - The Garage
10-28 Charlottesville, VA - Tea Bazaar
10-29 Baltimore, MD - Talking Head
10-31 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
11-01 New York, NY - Piano's
11-04 Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
11-05 Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks
11-07 Bloomington, IN - Art Hospital
11-08 Detroit, MI - Lager House
11-09 Cincinnati, OH - Alchemize

more info on Peter and the Wolf's tour