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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 minute entry: Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins Live @ the 930 Club

To those of you who didn't know, Jenny Lewis had a sold out show in Washington D.C and was webcasted live on If you missed it, i have life saving links for you. This webcast serves as a consolation prize to those who will miss Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins on tour this fall, a good example of that would be me, but Anne will be seeing Jenny this following Sunday!

I set up two links that will let you download the show but in different formats. The link is one big file, the downside, it doesn't have Handle Me With Care and the vocals are a bit low. The other link, which was provided by, has all the songs separated into 18 different files. Although not bunched up into one big file, these have a better quality than the download.

****Please, be kind and don't stream the files. Right click and Save as.

NPR : Jenny Lewis in Concert

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins : download

Jenny Lewis Fall Tour


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