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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Bridge

Photo by: 4pizon

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognized monument in the world, drawing tourists and photographers from all over the world. It connects the city of San Francisco to the Marin County. I pass it everytime i visit my aunt and it's mysterious beauty never gets old. What you may not know is that the Golden Gate Bridge is a magnet for suiciders.

The Bridge, a documentary film by Eric Steel comes out in theaters today. "It shows people climbing over the 4-foot railing and jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. It was filmed using hidden cameras over the course of 2004." You know for a fact that this movie is going to be downright depressing and disturbing. Many are arguing that this is a very inhumane movie with a director taking advantage of people's horific deaths and using it as a commercial feature.

The moment i heard about this movie a couple of months ago at the San Francisco Indie Film Festival, I decided it was a must see. Not that I wanna see people jumping to their deaths, it's just that this movie will raise my awareness about people committing suicide and ways to deter them from that path.

If you live in the bay area, you know there has been an ongoing campaign to build a fence on the Golden Gate to prevent people from jumping. Eric Steel's intention was to raise awareness on that campaign and to prevent others from becoming suicides.

Even after seeing numerous clips of this movie, and knowing that it'll be hard to watch and forget, I still want to see it. The images of people falling into the ocean is something that will be hard to forget and hard to ignore.

Watch the Trailer

The Bridge Website

San Francisco Chronicle: Lethal Beauty : A seven part series on the Golden Gate Barrier debate that includes heartbreaking stories from families who are victims of bridge jumpers.


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