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Friday, October 20, 2006

Marie Antoinette and Sofia Coppola

In theatres today is the film Marie Antoinette from my favorite director, Sofia Coppola. Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's daughter, and the director responsible for unforgettable movies such as The Virgin Suicides, and my favorite, Lost in Translation.

This is her third movie, just like her other two movies, we have another young woman, played by Kirsten Dunst being the center of attention. Here's a little French history review for those of you who aren't familiar with Marie Antoinette.

*She was married to Louis XVI at the age of 14.
*She was executed by guillotine for the crime of treason.

That's all you need to know.

The movie is off to a bad start, inheriting mediocre to bad reviews from critics, and was booed at the Cannes film festival. Basically critics are saying this movie is one big party and lacking the historical aspects it should have. Hello! It's an imaginative interpretation of Marie Antoinette's teenage life. Want accurate history? Check your local listings for Marie Antoinette specials on the History Channel or PBS.

Like the critics said, the movie is one big party, and what do you need to have a big party? Good music of course. Who's behind the soundtracks for all of Sofia Coppola's movies, Sofia Coppola herself and her music supervisor Brian Reitzell.
Brian Reitzell is also responsible for the soundtracks of Friday Night Lights, Thumbsucker, and Will Ferrell's new movie Stranger than Fiction. You can't go wrong with Sofia Coppola and Brian Reitzell's music choices. Did you check out the Lost in Translation soundtrack? Hands down can kick the indietastic soundtrack that Zach Braff made. Read the current issue of Filter magazine for more on that.
The Marie Antoinette soundtrack consists of 80's pop and new wave music mixed with classical, from artists like The Cure, New Order, and Bow Wow Wow.

So if you have nothing to do this weekend and think you deserve a break from all the midterms you've been having, go see Marie Antoinette.

Here are a couple of songs that tie in with Sofia Coppola and her movies. Note Phoenix is here, not only were they a part of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, but Sofia Coppola is pregnant with Thomas Mars' child, yeah Phoenix's frontman.

Just like Honey- The Jesus & Mary Chain

City Girl-Kevin Shields

Too Young-Phoenix

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Sofia Mini (For those of you who are old enough to drink, yes, she has her own sparkling wine, and it's in a can.


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