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Monday, October 30, 2006

The undead roams A Camera in the Crowd

It's that time of the year again, when scary midterm election ads are everywhere, horror movies are on every night, and that certain winter smell in the air.

It's halloween!!!

To me, It marks the end of nasty summer weather and welcome in winter with open arms. Here at A Camera in the Crowd, you know we're all about treats and not tricks. So I came up with a playlist that you can play while you're trick or treating and satisfying that sweeth tooth or while applying make up to go along with your devilish hooker costume.

This year, I don't think Anne and I are dressing up, it's the lack of costume ideas and money. I don't even have enough for a d.i.y costume. So I thought to myself, how can i gratify both audiences who wanna enjoy halloween? To those of you who are just staying home and handing out candies to little trick or treaters, you can keep yourself busy by renting a horror film.

I don't know much about good horror flicks, so i've consulted my good friend/horror film fanatic Emily, to give us input on her most favorite horror flicks of all time. So hit up your local video store or netflix and rent these movies.

*wicker man (1973 version)
[i haven't seen the remake with nicholas cage, but i definitely think the '73 version is superior. i've sen trailers for the remake, and it looks like several details were changed.]
the story is set on a remote island in scotland. the followers of a pagan religion scarifice an innocent man in order to produce successful crops. the wicker man shows the powerful and, in this case, frightening control religion has on people.

se7en is definitely a thriller that keeps you guessing. the killer uses his "work" to teach the world about the seven deadly sins. the mystery definitely sucks you in. it might also make you appreciate life a little more.

*the mothman prophecies
mothman is based on true events (look it up, it's very interesting!). a strange being makes itself known in a small town. it's a puzzling, surreal movie about the unknown. it sure kept me from looking out the window at night...

*the hills have eyes (i'm a fan of both the original and remake)
anything could go wrong at any time! it shows what people are capable of doing to each other, and what people would to to survive. there's great action and exciting attacks and killings.

*silent hill
many people who are fans of the game find problems with the movie version of silent hill. i haven't played the game much, so i wasn't too familiar with characters or scenes. with that said, i thought the movie was exciting. the graphics were great and the characters were horrifying.

*cannibal holocaust
this is the most disgusting movie i've ever seen. i don't recommend this to anyone, really. it's one of the most controversial and famous italian cannibal movies. it's about a group filmmakers who travel to the amazon and encounter deadly native tribes. the gore in the movie is so real and so horrible that I almost threw up. Don't watch this unless you really know what you're getting yourself into...

*night of the living dead
the movie that sparked my passion for zombies! the first in the "...of the dead" movies. it's filmed in black and white and it's beautiful. unlike the newer movies, Night moves slowly before any awesome zombie attacks. this may bore some people, but the second half of the movie is well worth the wait. it's a classic and must see for any horror fan.

Date With The Night-playlist

1. Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2. The Genocide Ball - The Robot Ate Me
3. Haunted Castle - Belaire
4. Werewolf (live version) - Cat Power
5. Monster Hospital - Metric
6. Strange Machines - Peter and the Wolf
7. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh! - Sufjan Stevens


Last minute Halloween "costumes" - Printable masks from the S.F Chronicle - Search Halloween related events in your area.
Netflix - Rent those horror movies

p.s: Don't forget to share some of your halloween fotos if you plan on shooting tomorrow night.
And special thanks to Emily for providing us the horror flick recommendation.


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