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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Camera Crowd's Spring Blooms Mix!

So long old man winter! Those long and cold days are gone and won't return for another nine months. Let's welcome the familiar sights and sounds of our beloved Spring. You know what I'm talking about, the birds and the bees, (not referring to the awkward talk with your parents) the beautiful cherry and plum blossoms blooming, bears finally leaving their caves, and the inevitable allergy symptoms.

Yeah! It's time to get out of the house and seize the day, well I don't know about the East Coast and the Midwest, looks like you guys still need several layers of clothing. Lucky for us Californians and Texans we've been blessed with close to t-shirt weather. Don't worry Spring will soon come your way.

For those of you who have been having sunny days and clear skies, go out and take advantage of it! We've compiled ten songs which hopefully will convince you to head out the door and enjoy the pretty weather.

So here's how it should work:

1. Take the songs with you! (Oh, don't forget your camera!)
2. Grab a couple of friends
3. Head to the park
4. Have a small picnic and enjoy the sun!!

{You can hear the playlist by using the music player here and then download the songs you like below! Save time by multi-tasking: check your email, facebook, myspace while listening...}

{Click on the song title to download, we use yousendits so right-click and open it in another window. We will not re-link these so all the songs on here will only be available for 7 days. You can still stream it on the music player though for as long and as much as you want. Click on the artist/band name for more info!}

  1. The Tulips | Bloc Party *
  2. Walk In The Park | Oh No! Oh My! #
  3. Happy Yellow Bumblebee | Of Montreal #
  4. Scenic World | Beirut *
  5. The Debt Collectors | Ben Lee *
  6. Lost Time | Maria Taylor *
  7. Spent On Rainy Days | Bright Eyes *
  8. April Skies | The Jesus & Mary Chain #
  9. Surfing The Warm Industry | Kashmir #
  10. Flowers In Bloom | Architekture #
*anne's picks
#charlie's picks

Love Team Camera Crowd,
(Anne and Charlie)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Singled out: Kid Gloves by Voxtrot

{Here is a new addition to the different types of regular posts we write here. You could say this song inspired this new type of regular post, to be honest we just really wanted to post about this song and then it seemed like a good idea to make it into something bigger than just a one-time post. There were a lot of songs that could've started this, "Heretics" by Andrew Bird, Arcade Fire's "Intervention", but it seems Voxtrot's a stronger incentive. Maybe we're trying to right some wrongs, but in the end it was this song that made this post happen.

Anyways, not all the songs we'll feature will be technical "singles" the name was just too good to pass up. But the mp3s of the songs featured have to be offered to the public from either the band's own site, MySpace, record label and/or their promotional company websites. These are the kind of songs that everyone will know the words to at a show and we hope you will learn them too.

This is the first song offered by Voxtrot to preview their self-titled debut album slated for May 22nd. This isn't going to be the first single though, that's "Blood Red Blood", which will be available on May 14th on a download and a limited edition 7" for UK featuring the single with a b-side called "New Love & Loan Shark". Anyways, there are a lot of mixed feelings on "Kid Gloves" and here is our take on it...WE LOVE IT.

It starts out with a swift stroke of guitar and a dark atmosphere is unveiled by the hard as nails drumming, ominous background vocals "uh-uh" and a skittish xylophone that you'll hear repeated throughout parts of the song. Ramesh Srivistava's voice rings out and there's a sense of urgency with the stressed words and sharp intakes of breath; it comes off more like what Voxtrot sounds like live. When Ramesh is singing the instruments seem to distance themselves from the vocals. Instead of crowding up the song, there are long notes held down on the keyboard and occasional shimmering crashes of cymbals.

There are quite a few places where the song builds up, that job falls to the keys and the drums, both working together sharing the same rhythm. The "uh-uh"s come back with a cleaner layer with faraway drums and a soft quilt of guitar and bass-work. Then the fuller noise returns increasingly building up to a potential climax. There's a neat guitar solo fuzzing out paired with faint background "woooos". Just when you think the song ends, they build up one last time and by now Ramesh's voice can almost be considered a growl having increased with emotion as the song moved on.

For people who have been familiar with Voxtrot's previous material, this is drastically different. I think the closest song we can connect this to is "Missing Pieces" off of their first EP Raised By Wolves. From this song we feel they're moving away from The Smiths and definitely their Belle & Sebastian references now, but we'll see on the album in May. "Kid Gloves" has the bark and the bite, actually there is more of everything really. More instruments and much more going on in the song compared to their past songs. "Kid Gloves" will probably need to be allotted some time for it to grow on listeners, which may come across as alien for Voxtrot fans so use to falling immediately headoverheels. So fans suck it in and grow up, they did.

Stream + Download + More:

Kid Gloves| Voxtrot


>>> Voxtrot's Official Site
<<< Voxtrot's MySpace
>>> Purchase Voxtrot's EPs & other merch
<<< Read our post on Voxtrot's summer tour


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SXSW 2007 through the lens

Shooting Southby was no easy task and lugging around a big bag full of camera equipment was not my kind of fun, but now looking back at these photos I'd say it was worth the work and effort. The group of photos below are just some from the pool of SXSW photos I selected, you can view all 17 photographs in a slideshow. I also have some advice below on how to shoot live music if you're interested. Hope you enjoy these!

View the selected SXSW photos as a slidehow here.
Veiw all the SXSW photographs here.

A few tips on shooting live music...

When shooting shows try not to use flash, I know it'll be harder for people who have the smaller digital cameras, unless you brought along your external flash. Try shooting on the manual mode and adjust the shutter speed accordingly. Another neat effect is using someone else's flash, this is easy since most people out there will use flash no matter what and the different angle of light and distance will make your photo less washed out and more interesting.

If you're at a venue who just loves dim lighting, try putting your flash on rear curtain sync. This means you'll freeze your subject, but also have a neat motion blur too. Remember to hold the button focusing and pan your camera when you're using this so you'll get those cool extra trail of lights.

Wait for the right moment. There is no need to take 20 photos of your subject in the same strumming guitar pose, knowing their songs is a plus and if you've seen them live before use it to your advantage. You know when the climatic moments are and you'll know when to shoot the photo. Remember to put your camera on continuous mode, where you can just focus then hold the button down to take multiple photos per second. This increases your chances of getting a photo where your subject's in focus and not blurry.

Also when shooting live music don't forget that there are people who are trying to watch a show around you, there is no need to elbow people out of the way to get that perfect shot. If you're going to go in front of someone shorter than you, tell them first that you just want to take photos for a few minutes, then kneel on the ground to get that shot without ruining someone else's experience, don't forget your "please, thank you and excuse me"s. Try and be subtle in your movements and don't get too consumed by your camera, you shouldn't forget to enjoy the music too!!!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

SXSW: Day Four | 03/17

The Polyphonic Spree + Rosie Thomas

So day four was a bit of a downer, one of the main flaws in my schedule was simply the fact I wanted to go to too many events and didn't trim it down so I can actually walk like a normal person to a venue and not step inside a venue halfway through someone's set. That and we barely caught the last song of Peter and the Wolf's set at Okay Mountain Gallery, essentially missing him completely. So next year I'll have to stop being this greedy!

Alright, The Polyphonic Spree! What a band! What a set! What the heck was I doing all this time without a single Spree song in my life? There were 17 some members all dressed in black uniform with bright red crosses decorating the pockets, cut out fabric hearts hanging on the right, every one of them just pouring in all their energy into the set, well with a frontman like Tim DeLaughter who can stay still?!

I didn't know a lot of their songs, except embarrassingly "Light & Day/Reach For the Sun", but they got me convinced and probably everyone else to just go sprint to Waterloo Records for anything that had their name on it. It could be the six member chorus's dance moves, the neat lit up drums, that amazing piano solo/improv from Evan Jacobs, the three multi-instrumentalists, the crazy violinist to the very left standing/swaying on an amp, Tim Delaughter clinging onto the bottom edge of the stage's roof, pointing to the sky as if poking the it's all of this and more!

This makes me so excited for their third full-length, The Fragile Army coming out in early June under their new record label TVT Records. That and if you haven't yet gotten it, they released an EP in January called WAIT full with three neat covers, one including a cover well of DeLaughter's old band, Tripping Daisy and two fresh Spree songs all this produced by no other than Jon Brion! Hear some songs from The Fragile Army on their MySpace!

If anyone was there too, wasn't it strangely cool that whenever Tim Delaughter was singing/shouting and thrusting his head up to the sky, "hail to the sky, it's time to watch a show, the trees wanna grow, grow, grow, grow...!!!" that the clouds kind of parted and the sun started to shine in on him?

If you live in Colorado go make a trip to see them, because they're playing in Boulder and Denver, this Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. They're also going to be playing in their hometown Dallas on Saturday the 24th!

Download + Purchase:

Sonic Bloom (Tripping Daisy Cover) | The Polyphonic Spree


>>> The Polyphonic Spree's Official Site
<<< The Polyphonic Spree's MySpace
>>> The Polyphonic Spree's Blog
<<< Purchase WAIT EP
>>> Purchase any Spree album
<<< More photos of The Polyphonic Spree's set

Austin has the nicest people, I swear we probably asked a half dozen people for directions and they were just incredibly nice. Sometimes we didn't even have to open our mouths, I guess we just looked confused and were squinting at street signs, but nevertheless Austin itself is a great city to be in. Great food and a lot of neat one-of-a-kind shops, especially if you just walk down South Congress. That's pretty much what we did after watching the Spree.

We then lost track of time and made it to Waterloo Records midway through Rosie Thomas's set She played mostly off of her new album, These Friends of Mine, which she recorded in a simple set up in an apartment in Brooklyn with Sufjan Stevens and Denison Witmer. With the signature banjo of Stevens' and the backing vocals and guitar of Witmer both did justice to Thomas's beautiful voice. She closed with "Why Waste More Time?" and signed CDs and met with fans after. She has a short tour in April scheduled to hit both coasts, to check if you're in one of the lucky cities go here.

Download + Purchase:

If This City Never Sleeps | Rosie Thomas


>>> Rosie Thomas Official Site
<<< Rosie Thomas MySpace
>>> Purchase These Friends of Mine
<<< More info on her April tour

All in all there is my first South by experience as best as I can report on. A few lessons learned, a lot of good memories made and tired beyond imagination, but definitely oh most definitely worth it.

So yes this experiment was a success, I saw about 18 bands in four days and only spent $20 for one, which was the Kork showcase mainly to see The Octopus Project and Voxtrot. $3 on bus transportation buying the 24 hour passes. Probably $50 or less on food and water and bought a couple CDs at Waterloo. The drive from Houston to Austin and back is sponsored by my dad, thank you, I owe you! The apartment aka place to sleep for three hours aka more importantly somewhere to shower is provided by my brother, thank you for going to UT. Going to possibly the best music "festival" on earth with a close friend, who would probably kill me if I put her photo on here...priceless.

I'll have a post tomorrow filled with what I think were the best photos that came out of Southby to make a nice, easy visual read for you and me.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW: Day Three | 03/16

Evan Jacobs (Tacks, The Boy Disaster) + Okkervil River + Beirut

Finally back in Houston and currently uploading all the photos on my flickr, will give you the links when they're done. I will get around to that day four post soon enough. Alright.

Been discovering Austin's hidden gems: their coffeeshops and restaurants are one-of-a-kind. Eating brunch this morning at the South Congress Cafe was so nice and a good start of a rather long day. We managed to find the way to Progress Coffee in time for their Solo Sets: Lead Singers taking a break from the stage, to start.

Evan Jacobs is part of the four piece Austin band, Tacks, The Boy Disaster and flushed out "Paris", "Forget-Me-Not", "Queen Of The Fishermen" and a couple others on the guitar and on the keyboard. You may recognize him for he is also the keyboardist of The Polyphonic Spree! It's always interesting see how an artist interprets a song you've known for awhile with only one instrument. The bill was filled with other worthy Austin musicians all in the Tonewheel Collective group though we had to early to catch the KEXP's event. Catch Tacks, The Boy Disaster playing at The Octane [ 201 2nd St. ] at 9PM tonight.

Download + Purchase:

Matilda | Tacks, The Boy Disaster


>>> Tacks, The Boy Disaster's Official Site
<<< Tacks, The Boy Disaster's MySpace
>>> Tacks, The Boy Disaster's Blog
<<< Purchase Oh, Beatrice EP

Okkervil River was on Chicago radio station KEXP's Southby event at the ACL studio that is located in UT's Communications building. You can download their live recorded performance in its entirety for free here! The dark narratives of "For Real", "The President Is Dead" and "Westfall" were included in their setlist, along with a couple new songs off their new album now due out tentatively in August. Will Sheff's always full of energy, jumping at the climactic times and going around the stage when he could get away from the mic.

Download + Purchase:

Westfall | Okkervil River


>>> Okkervil River's Official Site
<<< Okkervil River's MySpace
>>> Purchase Black Sheep Boy + other albums
<<< More photos of Okkervil River's set

Another band played at KEXP's Southby event, who filled up the 300 seating venue till it overflowed with people standing inches from the stage would be right if you guessed Beirut. Nothing draws a bigger crowd than the leader of it all, Zach Condon along with his troupe of multi-instrumentalists. There were so many instruments, I want to say 30 some odds and ends laid out beside the mic stands and their feet ready to be picked up and played on one song or another. Beirut remained humble and thankful to the crowd that filled the studio seats, floor area and anywhere there was a place for a pair of feet to tip-toe.

The set included "After The Curtain", "The Gulag Orkestar", "Elephant Gun", "Scenic World", "Carousel", "Postcards From Italy" and many more rounding it to a 50 some minute set, you can also download the entire performance for free here. There's one part I'm not sure if they'll cut it out, but Zach Condon kept emptying his spit valve from his trumpet in between songs and there's a long pause of silence and scattered giggling. Then he says something along the lines of, "for people who are listening, that was me emptying my spit valve for 2 minutes,".

It's really strange and also understandable how alluring their music is yet it is totally different from the majority of bands today. I stood next to a few people who didn't look like they were in middle school and yet they knew a lot of the words to Beirut's' songs and I thought I was young! Of course, there it is, the proof that no one can turn away from Beirut.

Download + Purchase:

Elephant Gun | Beirut


>>> Beirut's Official Site
<<< Beirut's MySpace
>>> Purchase Gulag Orkestra
<<< Purchase Lon Gisland EP
>>> More photos of Beirut's set


Friday, March 16, 2007

SXSW: Day Two | 03/15

St. Vincent + The Octopus Project + Voxtrot

Wow, just came back from the Kork showcase mainly cheering on The Octopus Project and Voxtrot! It's three minutes away from 4AM, so I'll try and make this as short as I can. For anyone who might have gone to the Tonewheel Collective's show at Progress Coffee today from reading the post from yesterday night, I'm really sorry and I'm doing the best I can to double-check everything. Thank you so much for reading...okay here we go.

First off, not only were we turned away at shows/parties that did not mention it was RSVP or 21+ on their websites, we spent almost the entire half day going back and forth causing us to miss a key artist, Andrew Bird. But enough complaining, just make sure and double-check if the event needs RSVP or if it's invite only or it's 21+.

We ate breakfast at a neat place on W. 4th Street called Halcyon, the blue sign has a drawing of a couch! It has really nice seating, couches, sofas everywhere, but also big tables for larger groups and tables for two and higher level small round tables for people with laptops nursing a cup of coffee. The food and beverages aren't bad either and there is a wide variety, if you're a sweet tooth like me, their chocolate cake is heaven.

Anyways, we found ourselves at Jo's Coffee to see St. Vincent and also saw the band before them called The Missing Tapes. St. Vincent is from Dallas and is also one of the guitarists for The Polyphonic Spree, her solo stuff is definitely different from the Spree. Annie Clark has darker songs under her belt, just listen to "Paris Is Burning", "Your Lips Are Red" and "Bang Bang". She played a slew of new songs off her upcoming album releasing sometime in June, songs like "Bang Bang" and "Now Now" gives me shivers to think what the album will be like. She alternated between two mics, one regular and the other was this strange neat vintage sounding one. She stomps with one foot as makeshift drumming giving her set an attention-grabbing sound.

Now she'll be playing two events on Friday (today), first one is a 21+ event at Mohawk for the Hot Freaks!: Blogger Curated Music Experience hosted by some of the best music bloggers out there sharing a stage with Bishop Allen, Sea Wolf and many more! The second one is the Billions showcase at Antone's with My Brightest Diamond and more! After that she'll be getting ready for her wide-range April tour with John Vanderslice!

Download + Purchase:

Paris Is Burning | St. Vincent


>>> St. Vincent's Official Site
<<< St. Vincent's MySpace
>>> More info on Hot Freaks! show
<<< More info on Billions showcase
>>> Read more on St. Vincent with our three minute entry
<<< St. Vincent's blog
>>> See tour dates for her April tour with John Vanderslice!
>>> More photos of St. Vincent's set

We missed Andrew Bird's free show at Emo's by mere minutes! After going on a shopping spree at Waterloo Records to cheer us up, we speed walk-ed all the way back to Emo's to join a huge line for public tickets to the Kork showcase. Thankfully we got in and slowly made our way to the front of stage after each band finished their sets. The Octopus Project was incredible, the absolute genius of the band's use of keyboards, theremin, laptop, multiple keyboards, drum machines, samples, basic drums, guitar and bass shone like a beacon. They give electronic music a nice makeover glazing it with a bit of energetic rock vibes. They played a lot off their latest album, The House of Apples And Eyeballs and also of course the popular oldies "Music Is Happiness" and "The Adjustor".

Also they make their sets more unique by decorating the stage with cute ghosts made from white sheets over amps draped over Christmas lights and sometimes if you're lucky they'll have pinatas! Even if you don't know their songs, they are after all instrumental making the set more comfortable with strangers to The Octopus Project, all in all extremely fun and energetic!

They're playing at a 21+ venue called Elysium [ 705 Red River St. ] on Saturday the 17th with 65daysofstatic, Girl Talk and many more. For more info go here! After that they're traveling to Taiwan for the annual Spring Scream Festival! Also if you haven't gotten it yet grab the latest issue of the Austin Chronicle that has The Octopus Project on its cover, hint: it's purple.

Download + Purchase:

Lollipopsichord | The Octopus Project


>>> The Octopus Project's Official Site
<<< The Octopus Project's MySpace
>>> Purchase their new album, The House of Apples and Eyeballs!
<<< Info on their show at Elysium
>>> More photos of The Octopus Project's set

Sometime after 1AM, Voxtrot's set started and I think that the audience was amazing, it seemed like everyone was singing along to their songs and cheering like there was no tomorrow. They brought in the Tosca String Quartet, which is the same group that you've heard on the past EPs and will hear on the upcoming Voxtrot album due out on May 22nd. I really thought they were going to play "Sway", but nevertheless their set was amazing. I loved the new songs they played, "Kid Gloves", "Brother in Conflict", "Steven" and many more which I can't remember the names. Though I think "Steven" was written a long time before, maybe they touched it up a bit. I would do anything for them to include "This Is Not My Bloody War" on an EP or something tangible!

Anyways, they included old songs like "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives", "Soft and Warm" and "Raised By Wolves". I think one more, due to my carelessness of forgetting my journal on the Emo's stage which has a concrete, fuller setlists of the bands I've seen so far and just a lot of past journal type writings/sketches. I'm going to go back and see if they didn't trash it, just in case anyone picked it up please be kind enough to leave a comment so I can get my journal back.

Also, Voxtrot will be having a listening party of their new self-titled album at the backroom of The Whisky Bar [ 303 W. 5th St. ] from 5PM~6PM this Friday(today), yes it is 21+. The only other show they will be playing until their summer tour is going to be in Mexico City at Pasageuro celebrating Ibero 90.9FM anniversary show on March 22nd. For what info I can find on this party, please go here. The anniversary show for 90.9FM was canceled, sorry guys!

Download + Purchase:

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives | Voxtrot

{ Tip: if you want to buy their latest EP, Your Biggest Fan from InSound, go ahead and get 15% off just by typing in voxtrotdiscount!!! }


>>> Voxtrot's Official Site
<<< Voxtrot's MySpace
>>> Purchase any/all of their 3 EPs
<<< Read about Voxtrot's upcoming summer tour
>>> More info on the Ibero 90.9FM anniversary party
<<< More photos of Voxtrot's set

I am so elated that I got to see Voxtrot and we caught the 2:10AM bus just barely! Okay I will have more photos hopefully uploaded by tomorrow morning before I leave for Day three of SXSW. It is time to catch some sleep.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SXSW: Day One | 03/14

Sparrow House + Teitur + Peter and the Wolf + Midlake

Anne here in Austin for SXSW doing that little experiment called going wristband/badge-less. So we actually got to see everyone on our list except for Loney, Dear and Headlights and discovered a new love, Teitur. I will not complain about the short sets, since I didn't have to pay for anything today. Though it hints that you should arrive early to get a good spot to make those 17 minutes worth it. If someone on here perks your interest, we'll tell you if he/she/they are playing other SXSW events, public and the ones that require wristbands/badges.

First up, we saw Sparrow House at Mohawk for the Gothamist, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Austinist sponsored party. He played four songs two of them were new probably off his upcoming EP, Television Snow. In between the two new songs, he sneaked in crowd favorite "When I Am Gone" and also "You Sang Along". Seems like he's going to be sticking with the new lyrics for "When I Am Gone", differing from the original version on the Falls EP, which you can purchase here. Jared Van Fleet of Sparrow House will be at Progress Coffee on Friday set to play at 2PM, with fellow talented Austinites in the Tonewheel Collective group: Bill Baird of Sunset (SOUND Team), Evan Jacobs (Tacks, the Boy Disaster), Red Hunter (Peter & the Wolf) and many more! For more photos of Sparrow House's set go here.

***Sorry all the tonewheel collective show at progress coffee is actually on Friday, I really hope no one read this and went there today! I am so sorry!!! Thank you so much to whoever caught my mistake!***

Download + Purchase:

You Sang Along | Sparrow House

>>> Sparrow House's Official Site
<<< Sparrow House's MySpace
>>> Info on Progress Coffee show
<<< Buy Falls EP
>>> More photos of Sparrow House's set

Then Teitur came on, a one man band, who calls Denmark's Faroe Islands home and plays sweet narrative acoustic songs like "I Run The Carousel" and throws in a little nostalgia with a reminiscent song of his childhood friend, "Josephine". Teitur Lassen is a very energetic performer, leaning back and forth into the mic and strumming the guitar vigorously and not afraid to make a few political jokes at Texas Mayor Rick Perry or saying something along the lines of "Oh only seven minutes left, I guess I'll have to get into my romantic mood now..." His 2006 release, Stay Under The Stars is on sale if you catch him on Friday on the 18th floor at the Hilton Garden Inn sharing a stage with Dana Falconberry, Josh Pyke and many more.

Download + Purchase:

Don't Want You To Wake Up | Teitur


>>> Teitur's Official Site
<<< Teitur's MySpace
>>> Purchase Stay Under The Stars
<<< Info on the showcase at Hilton Garden Inn
>>> More photos of Teitur's set

Ah, Peter and the Wolf. Nine people were crowded onto the small inside stage at Mohawk, accompanying Red Hunter. I am so grateful I was one of the luckier ones up front, the place was filled to the brim! The set was crazy, of course in a good way, Red Hunter the leader of his junk orchestra pulled out two odd-looking instruments that looked impossible for anyone to play, but he is definitely a talented multi-instrumentalist, Sufjan move over.

He also relied on his duct-taped, now painted black guitar to ease out his music. The chorus of backing vocals of "ooohs" was so nice, almost like it sounds on the album, Lightness. The set included, "Strange Machines", "Safe Travels", "The Fall" and a few more, which I can't remember. He's so comfortable with the mic, just making strange noises and really enjoying playing his music. It's amazing how a 17 minute set can re-energize and mesmerize a crowd! Look below, he's playing a slew of shows, so that gives you Austinites and SXSW attendees no excuse to miss one!

Download + Purchase:

Safe Travels | Peter and the Wolf


>>> Peter and the Wolf's Official Site
<<< Peter and the Wolf's MySpace
>>> Purchase Lightness
<<< Info on Gorilla VS. Booze's show
>>> Info on Progress Coffee show
<<< Info on SXSW SESAC showcase
>>> Info on Asthamtic Kitty & friends show
<<< More photos of Peter and the Wolf's set

We basically waited about an hour and a half for two burgers at some place on Red River, which was absolutely frustrating and quite the challenge to run to Momo's for the NX35 Denton Music Party hoping that Midlake didn't start just yet. Thankfully we were safe and Momo's wasn't too far away, when we came in Robert Gomez was just finishing his last song when we got there. It's still so hard to grasp that I didn't have to pay for tickets to see anyone today! Sure Midlake took a long time to set up, but that didn't matter when they started playing.

They have a great stage presence, not so much crowd interaction, but just this really focused and passionate atmosphere appears when they're playing. Really humble guys too and all in all amazing performance getting the crowd all cheering and happy. They played the ever-loved "Roscoe", "Young Bride", closing with the amazing "Head Home" with Eric Pulido's surprise guitar improvisation at the end. They make me wish I lived in Denton and listen to "Roscoe" all day on repeat.

They'll be having another free all-ages show at Yard Dog Gallery joining Bishop Allen, Benjy Ferree and more for Schuba's 11th Annual Round-up!

Download + Purchase:

Young Bride | Midlake


>>> Midlake's Official Site
<<< Midlake's MySpace
<<< Buy The Trials of Van Occupanther
>>> Info on Yard Dog Gallery show
<<< Info on SXSW Bella Union showcase
>>> More photos of Midlake's set


Sunday, March 11, 2007

SXSW: wristband&badgeless

This is an unofficial guide to SXSW for people who don't have a wristband/badge. I'm going to be wristband/badgeless in Austin with a friend to join in on the fun that SXSW brings in. So I have no idea if I get to see even half of what is on my tentative schedule. This is my first year of SXSW and I just want to see what it's like and hopefully hear some good music.

Before reading this exciting yet crammed list, you must realize there is no reason why someone should stay at one party all day unless that is if you want to! For me other than the very first day, the other three days are full of events that will conflict each other. So this means a lot of walking/running/speed-walking...

I bolded the bands that I want to see at the event. I also put the better known songs by the band/artist up for download, they'll only be available for 7 days. Also a lot of bands/artists are playing multiple events, so sometimes that frees up your time and you can plug in another event with the extra space.

Also, if you have a gmail account there is a neat calendar feature they have! So when you see something you would like to attend go ahead and start adding events to your gmail calendar or just write this down the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. Hopefully I'll have enough energy/time to post everyday for these four exciting days! Let's see how this goes...

Click on the...
song name = download the song by yousendits
band/artist name = band's official site/MySpace
show poster = larger image
venue name = venue's site

Day One | 3/14

11~6pm | Austinist, Gothamist and Gorilla vs. Bear presents Gonna Gonna Get Get Down 2 @ The Mohawk | free!

[ 912 Red River St. ]

Architecture In Helsinki | Headlights | Nicole Atkins | Peter and the Wolf | Tom Brosseau | Apes & Androids | The Shivers | Hello Stranger | The Forms | Sparrow House | Teitur | Earl Greyhound | Lexie Mountain Boys | Stars Of Track And Field | Loney, Dear

Owl Eyes | Headlights
I Am John | Loney, Dear
Foxes (sighing like a furnace) | Sparrow House
Safe Travels | Peter and the Wolf

Day Two | 3/15

12pm~6pm | Filter Magazine's High Noon Party @ Cedar Street Courtyard | Badges or limited guestlist: RSVP (

[ 208 W. 4th Str
eet ]
for more info on Filter's Thursday&Friday setlists!

  • 12:00 - Bright Eyes Cassadaga Premiere & BBQ
  • 1:00 - Grand Ole Party
  • 1:45 - Great Northern
  • 2:30 - Midnight Movies
  • 3:15 - The Besnard Lakes
  • 4:00 - Kenna
  • 5:00 - Youth Group
  • 6:00 - Badly Drawn Boy
No One Would Riot For Less | Bright Eyes
Low Is A Height | Greath Northern
Disaster | The Besnard Lakes

1pm ~ 9pm | South X San Jose @ Jo's Coffee | Free

[1300 South Congress Ave.]

for more info on their other events!
  • 1:00 - Li'l Cap'n Travid
  • 2:00 - The Missing Tapes
  • 3:00 - St. Vincent
  • 4:00 - The Octopus Project
  • 5:00 - The Glass Family
  • 6:00 - Zookeeper
  • 7:00 - Gulf Of Mexico
  • 8:00 - SOUND Team
  • 9:00 - David Garza
Paris Is Burning | St. Vincent
The Adjustor | The Octopus Project
Movie Monster | SOUND Team

12 ~ 7pm | Schubas' 11th Annual SXSW Round-Up @ Yard Dog Gallery | Free

[ 1510 South Congress Ave. ]
  • 12:10 - The 1900s
  • 12:55 - Elvis Perkins In Dearland
  • 1:40 - Prototypes
  • 2:25 - David Vandervelde & The Moonstation House Band
  • 3:10 - Cold War Kids
  • 4:00 - Midlake
  • 4:50 - Bishop Allen
  • 5:35 - Russian Circles
  • 6:20 - Benjy Ferree
Roscoe | Midlake
The Monitor | Bishop Allen

12pm ~ 5pm | FactoryPeople + Anthem Magazine Party: DJ Sets By Rockstars @ FactoryPeople | Free

[1325 South Congress ]

more info on thi
s event and Friday & Saturday's

  • 12:00 - IHeartComix Bloody Mary Mix
  • 1:00 - SOUND Team
  • 2:00 - Surface To Air Installation(ongoing) w/DJ Gordon Hull
  • 3:00 - Kudu
  • 4:00 - Crystal Castles
  • 5:00 - (Ramesh Srivastava) Voxtrot VS (James Minor) Blacklist
  • 11:00 ~ 4AM - Anthem Magazine + FactoryPeople Private After-Party (21+)

Day Three | 3/16

1PM ~ 7PM | Tonewheel Collective Showcase: Solo Sets By Lead Singers On A Break From The Rock Stage @ Progress Coffee

[ 500 San Marcos ]

for more info on this event a
nd many others

  • 12:00 - Evan Jacobs (Tacks, The Boy Disaster)
  • 1:00 - Martin Crane ( Brazos)
  • 2:00 - Jared Van Fleet/Sparrow House (Voxtrot)
  • 3:00 - Mark David Ashworth (INK)
  • 4:00 - Bill Baird/Sunset (SOUND Team)
  • 5:00 - Red Hunter (Peter and the Wolf)
  • 6:00 - Michael Winningham (The Glass Family)

1PM~7PM | KXEP Live-On Air Performances @ KLRU Studio aka ACL Studio (on UT campus)

Guadalupe and 26th (Dean Keeton) Street ]

Not in Austin? Listen to this event while it's happening!

  • 1:00 - The Stooges
  • 3:00 - Okkervil River
  • 5:00 - Under Byen
  • 7:00 - Beirut
Postcards From Italy | Beirut
For Real | Okkervil River

Day Four | 3/17

12PM ~ 5PM | Filter Magazine's High Noon Party @ Cedar Street Courtyard | Wristband or limited guestlist: RSVP (

[ 208 W. 4th Street]

for more info on Filter's Thursday&Friday setlists

  • 12:00 - Doors open & BBQ
  • 1:00 - Mohair
  • 1:45 - Kate Havnevik
  • 2:30 - The Pipettes
  • 3:15 - Mando Diao
  • 4:00 - Mew
  • 5:00 - The Fratellis
Judy | The Pipettes

2PM~6PM | Waterloo Records In-Store @ Waterloo Records | Free

for more info on the other Waterloo in-stores taking place!
(Amy Winehouse who was
playing at 3pm cancelled!)
  • 2:00 - Money Mark
  • 4:00 - Danava
  • 5:00 - Rosie Thomas
  • 6:00 - Young Knives
Pretty Dress | Rosie Thomas

12PM~5PM | British Underground & Mojo Magazine @ The Mean Eyed Cat

[ 1621 West 5th St. ]

for more info on British Music Industry's other events!

Gruff Rhys | iLiKeTRAins | Blanche | Bat For Lashes | Fionn Regan | The Explorers Club...and very special guests!

The Underwood Typewriter | Fionn Regan

All 3 days! | Flatstock 12 @ Austin Convention Center | Free

[ Trinity St. & 4th St. - Exhibit Hall #4 ]

This is such an exciting event, not only do you get to see all these amazing concert posters that featured shows you've attended, you also get to buy them. Flatstock is also going to have screenprinting booths in the streets to spread awareness of this underrated art form. You can snag free limited addition posters there and free snacks and water and Wi-Fi here! To the right is the winning poster of the student Flatstoc poster contest from Eric Drommerhausen from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

for more info such as when it'll be available for viewing and which designers will be there!

Helpful Links:
Donewaiting | constantly updated with new public shows!
Showlist Austin | lists all the shows in Austin, also only public shows!
SXSW Baby! | useful blog with tips like on where to eat/shows & parties!
Oh My Rockness | organized list of public & wristband/badge shows!
See You In The Pit | lovely blog introducing all the SXSW bands/artists!
Flatstock 12! | don't forget to swing by and snag amazing posters!
Austinist's SXSW Interactive Guide | Austinist's list of picks, automatically add onto your gmail calendar and very useful and organized info!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Explosions in the Sky w/Eluvium @ Numbers, Houston, 03/07/07

Last night was the Explosions in the Sky show with Eluvium opening and it was glorious. This was my third time seeing Explosions play and every time they put all of their energy into making the music come alive on stage, it is breath-taking. They're so focused on the music and don't break the atmosphere by talking onstage especially in between the songs. They keep strumming while playing with the pedals in between songs making a lovely connected set.

I underestimated people and thought I could get a good spot if I arrived at the venue an hour before doors opened, but when I got there, there had to be at least 100 people already lined up sitting, talking to each other from the door to the parking lot. As a photographer I was in a rough spot, there were three tall and I mean tall guys in front of me, but as a show goer, I enjoyed the show immensely. So all the photos I took have peoples' heads in them and blurry faces, I'm really really sorry, after all this is half a photography blog!

Which means if you're going to see them arrive maybe an hour and a half or two hours early if you can! Plus, I love getting there early so I can hear bands warm up from outside the venue, it's just a neat feeling for some reason, I heard "Welcome, Ghosts" while I was waiting outside of Numbers it was at that moment that it really sunk in that I was going to see Explosions in mere minutes!

Eluvium the opening band, which is also on Explosion's label Temporary Residence Ltd. will be touring with Explosions for the rest of the tour. I feel his set didn't settle too well with the audience. A lot of people acted as if it was background music talking on their cell phone, texting, playing solitaire on their PDA?!, talking to their friends really loudly...all while someone is onstage playing music for them, just makes me mad just thinking about it.

Matthew Cooper of Eluvium stayed on the right side of the stage and I think that threw people off since about 75% of the audience standing in the left and middle part couldn't see where the music was coming from. I picked up a copy of his new album Copia and it is amazing and beautiful music...if only the audience knew what they missed!

From the moment Explosions played their first notes to the end of the set the audience was in rapture. I'm not exactly sure of the setlist and order, but they did play "Catastrophe and the Cure", which is possibly my favorite song off their new album. They did have an electric Yamaha keyboard out for the songs with piano parts and also Munaf (guitarist) plays a single drum that's placed in the front of the stage; it was one of the coolest parts of the shows to see him drum so energetically. They also played of course "First Breath After Coma", "Yasmin The Light" and "The Only Moment We Were Alone". They probably played one or two more new songs off their new album, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, but I don't want to name any songs unless I'm sure.

In "The Only Moment We Were Alone" there was one part where the crowd started clapping along with the drums, I always loved things like that, crowd participation makes you realize that everyone around you in that very room has something in common with you, the love for the same band. I remember after "Yasmin The Light", someone said, "That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen," referring to a certain part in that song where Michael James (bassist) and Mark Smith (guitarist) just shred their instruments in sync as if there were no tomorrow. I have to give it to Numbers for their amazing lighting, beautiful, beautiful sound and air conditioning/fans to clear out the smoke! Thank you so much!

Explosions also have new merch on board for this tour including the most beautiful tee shirt designs you've ever seen. What's available are I think a total of five tee shirt designs all printed on American Apparel, all of their four albums, a tote bag and two LPs! Try and buy merch before the show so you can get the size that you want!

There isn't much to say except this: if you want a truly, good show please do yourself a favor and go see Explosions in the Sky. If you do, it will be the best show you'll see this year.

For tour dates and where to buy tickets, click here and check back often if your city/country isn't on there just yet! For more photos you can go here, but I have to say they are not my best.

Download {7 days} + Purchase:

{We use yousendits, which we usually replace with sendspace files that won't expire, but for the song we're uploading by Explosions In The Sky we will only have it available for the 7 days. Please buy the album, you'll only be giving yourself the best album of 2007 and that doesn't sound too bad right?}

Catastrophe and the Cure | Explosions In The Sky

Prelude For Time Feelers | Eluvium


>>> Explosions In The Sky's Official Site
<<< Tour dates and where to buy tickets
>>> Explosions In The Sky's Unofficial MySpace
>>> Purchase All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
>>> Eluvium's Official Site
<<< Eluvium's Unofficial MySpace
<<< Purchase Copia


Monday, March 05, 2007

The Barmitzvah Brothers

What do you get when you put together musical instruments such as; a fiddle, trumpet, keyboard, banjo, wurlitzer, and hand them over to five friends from Guelph, Ontario? Why you get the "superhappyfunshine band" known as The Barmitzvah Brothers. No, they're not brothers, and as far as I know, not Jewish either.The band has been around since 2000 that included members Geordie Gordon, Jenny Mitchell, and John Merritt. They recently added two more members, Sylvie Smith, who's also in the duo Habitat, and Tristan O' Malley.

Ever since their formation in 2000, they've released four albums including "The Century of Invention" which came out last year. Also over the years, they've toured all over Canada with bands you're all familiar off such as The Arcade Fire, and Final Fantasy. I discovered The Barmitzvah Brothers through Habitat who's also from Guelph, Ontario. Their unique, energetic, and indescribable sound is what caught my attention and led me to buying "The Century of Invention" a couple of months ago.

The Century of Invention consists of 11 songs with a concoction of different sounds ranging from electro pop,
country-hoe down, folk, and a bunch of other things, like I said, indescribable. The first track on the album, Car #7 literally turns on the ignition to this energetic album with loud cheers that remind you of the old Arcade Fire. It's one of my favourite songs on the album and it always begs for a repeat. It's a roller coaster feeling of songs that follow after, to the finger snapping Hollow Time of Night and the calm sounds of what seems like a ukulele on Little Jack

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them live since im nowhere near Guelph, Ontario or any part of Canada. So if you decide to pick up their cd, you can do so on Permafrost Records or get it on Itunes.

Car #7 | The Barmitzvah Brothers

Hollow Time of Night | The Barmitzvah Brothers

>> Official Website
>> Myspace (Don't forget to check out "New Orleans" when you get there.)
>> Permafrost Records : Buy the album there
>> Sylvie Smith's other band : Habitat
>>Habitat's Myspace