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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3 minute entry : Habitat

I wanted to wait till the start of 2007 to write about this band. I was going to write about them before 2006 ended but I didn't want them to end up in the end of the year pile, they deserved better.

Another beautiful band coming out from our neighbour from the north, Habitat, a harmonic duo from Guelph, Ontario. The first time their songs grazed my ears, the sound of the familiar keyboards reminded me of the trio Au Revoir Simone, and hints of softness in the vocals a lot like Camera Obscura. I was immediately hooked. The vocals from Sylvie Smith and John O' Regan along with the pulsating sound of the keyboards create an easy going and catchy tunes that you can't ignore. I just wish I knew where to get their ep which I heard had a nice hand made sleeve. But for now, I'm stuck with their songs on myspace.

Next Year - Habitat

Concrete Love - Habitat



An interesting Habitat bootleg from Bootlog


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