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Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh Snap!

As you all know, Camera Crowd is also a photography blog. We already have our photoblog, but Anne and I decided that we need photography related posts to go along with it. So here I bring you, Oh Snap! I'll be posting photography related gizmos, and gadgets you've never even heard of. To go along with it, I'll have my choice of Flickr pool of the week. Also if you guys have interesting photography related things that you wanna share with us, just email them and we'll post them the following week along with your name to give you credit.

Let's start things off shall we?

You've all heard about Flickr's geotagging right? I use it all the time to remind me where exactly I took that certain photo in case I wanna go back there again. Well Ricoh has released a new camera, the 500SE. An 8 megapixel camera that has a GPS chip inside so you'll never have to geotag manually ever again. It'll cost you around $1000 though, so you decide if you wanna trade that DSLR for a GPS camera.
Tired of looking at photos on flickr by clicking photo to photo, or by using their boring slideshow? Well then checkout It has different flash players that will allow you to view/present your photos in a more interesting way. Just put the tags or the user id of the photographer you wanna see and its goodbye boring slideshow.

Flickr pool of the week: Winter Wonderland

With all the unexpected snow falling all over the U.S this week, i just had to pick the Winter Wonderland pool. Part of Texas got a snow day and freeways in So Cal were closed cause of snow and ice. What about San Francisco and the Bay Area? How can you miss us?!
Tip: use to view all the recent snow photos. It's better than having to click through the pool.

A couple of songs to listen to while you're looking at the Flickr pool of the week

Snow Song | Habitat

Damn It's Cold | We Will Build


1 comment:

Ole said...

The 500 SE is now also available in Europe through alta4 Geoinformatik AG:

Price is 796,00 € for the camera.
Includes Fodysseus RE software to view imagages on Google Earth.

Additional cost for battery charger, SD memory card, GPS device and professional ArcGIS extension software.

Have fun,