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Friday, January 05, 2007

Children of Men

Do you ever think about this society, and what the future holds for it? Let's say, 10 to 20 years from now, what do you see? Is it something good? Or is it something people would never expect to happen?

The world is changing so fast, from technology, to the unpredictable government, it's hard to keep up. We get a good glimpse of how the world might be like 20 years from now from the new movie, Children of Men, starring Clive Owen. If you haven't seen the trailer for it, I'm not talking about a future with androids as cops, flying cars, and entire meals that come in pill form. It's the society as we know it, with the problems we have now, but enhanced in a very drastic way twenty years later.

The film starts out in an anti- immigration dominated London in the year 2027. And its a world in which no child has been born for the last 18 years. Africa and Kazakhstan are now uninhabitable due to continuous nuclear attacks. Global pollution have increased dramatically and has ruined the environment. And last but not least, popular cities such as Tokyo, and New York have been neutralized due to acts of nuclear terrorism. Do all these things ring a bell to you yet?

This is where Clive Owen's character comes in, he's a London peace activist turned bureaucrat just minding his own business until he gets kidnapped by a political organization called The Fishes. Here he is forced by the leader of The Fishes who is also his ex wife played by Julianne Moore to help transport and protect a woman who mysteriously became pregnant. They need to take the woman to a certain location to save the future of mankind.

This is by far the best movie that has clearly depicted what the world would be like 10-20 years from now based on what's happening today. I know it's just a movie and all the things in the movie might not even happen in the future, but I hope it'll help gain some awareness as to what's happening in our society today. Especially to younger audiences who are far more concerned about their social networking profiles rather than important current events that may drastically change their lives 10-20 years from now.

Some songs that sorta coincide with this topic.

No Future (God Save The Queen) - Sex pistols

science vs. romance - Rilo Kiley

a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free - Elliott Smith


Children of Men Trailer

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