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Thursday, August 24, 2006

i do not stand barenaked in the freezing cold..

We're not going to let that "back to school" slump that has been the monkey behind our back since 2004 stop us this time. With the new members of team camera crowd obsessively posting their awesome work on our photoblog, and us being picked "blog of the day", nothing's stopping us now.

Okay, down to business, summer's over for many of you and it's back to school baby. And yes, you're still in that rusty gear mode and need some of that jumpstart oil to get the gears rolling.

I have Eagle and Talon for you.

Perfect for those beat up mondays where you just can't seem to leave your dorm or totally forgot your locker combination because you are just oh so tired. I've been listening to these gals all summer long, waking me up on those dog days and a perfect companion for my afternoon mile run. Often described by bloggers as the founders of "leotard rock", see i wouldn't jump on that bandwagon because i don't know how the hell leotard rock sounds like. Let's just say that Kim's guitar riffs and voice, and Alice's contagious casio beats will have you dancing on your toes on those monday mornings and will leave you completely energize for that 8 a.m math class.

So get on with it people, get their e.p Eagle and Talon cares, it's just $6.50!!! You can get it via paypal or download it on iTunes.

Oh and another thing, for those of you who have a Last f.m account, go look up Eagle and Talon and vote for their profile photo, they're on Last f.m but don't have a profile photo, so do that!
And Eagle and Talon does care, Alice sent me a message on myspace and that just made me wanna listen to them more!!!!
They are also playing various shows in the L.A area, so if you live around there, don't forget to catch em.
August 25 - El Cid
September 16 -Little Pedro's

Eagle and Talon- Dropped Down

Eagle and Talon Website

Buy Eagle and Talon Cares EP

Add them on Myspace


Monday, August 14, 2006

spread the love like butter on toast

We've created some neat banners, flyers and the like for telling your friends about camera crowd. Copy and paste the html to put on your flickr, or myspace. We'll create some smaller paper flyers for everyone to hand out at shows they attend. We have plans to get everyone more involved into this project. We'd love to hear your suggestions, so don't hesitate to email us or talk to us on aim: anne & charlie. I saw pretty neat photos on the photoblog from team camera crowd so click on a thumbnail and join the fun.

{180 x 50}

perfect for your profile
{180 x 50}

{166 x 86}

Right-click and save as/save link as. Print it out and take it to the copy machine. Tape them around your city to your heart's desire.

Also on another note, we use sendspace to upload our music, but it has a 7 day window for anyone who wants to download the songs. We just wanted to say we'll be glad to re-upload any songs that are down now and also in future posts. Just click on the "can't download a song?" link we've put on the sidebar and give us the artist/band name and the song. We don't mind at all, we'll send you a reply to tell you when we are done re-uploading. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Team camera crowd has three new members!

So who's part of the camera crowd family?
Let's make it short&sweet, here's congratulations to:

Kennedy from France:
"I really love the technical aspects to processing photo, it is almost as if I get to live out my childhood fantasies of being a mad scientist... "

Nicole Cooke from New York:

"Photos can give anyone an entirely new perspective, and i've always thought that it was truly something worthwhile to be able to show people another side of what they see."

Amanda Olbrys from Indiana:

"Also it’s a way to get my random images that I create out of my head so I can see them though my own yes not just my brain."

You can access the photoblog right from this very page and see the two most recent photos from the thumbnails at the top of the page. Just click a thumbnail and you'll be directed to cameracrowd's photoblog. Anyways we're estatic to see what will be posted!

~team camera crowd