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Monday, August 14, 2006

spread the love like butter on toast

We've created some neat banners, flyers and the like for telling your friends about camera crowd. Copy and paste the html to put on your flickr, or myspace. We'll create some smaller paper flyers for everyone to hand out at shows they attend. We have plans to get everyone more involved into this project. We'd love to hear your suggestions, so don't hesitate to email us or talk to us on aim: anne & charlie. I saw pretty neat photos on the photoblog from team camera crowd so click on a thumbnail and join the fun.

{180 x 50}

perfect for your profile
{180 x 50}

{166 x 86}

Right-click and save as/save link as. Print it out and take it to the copy machine. Tape them around your city to your heart's desire.

Also on another note, we use sendspace to upload our music, but it has a 7 day window for anyone who wants to download the songs. We just wanted to say we'll be glad to re-upload any songs that are down now and also in future posts. Just click on the "can't download a song?" link we've put on the sidebar and give us the artist/band name and the song. We don't mind at all, we'll send you a reply to tell you when we are done re-uploading. Sorry for any inconveniences.


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