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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Team camera crowd has three new members!

So who's part of the camera crowd family?
Let's make it short&sweet, here's congratulations to:

Kennedy from France:
"I really love the technical aspects to processing photo, it is almost as if I get to live out my childhood fantasies of being a mad scientist... "

Nicole Cooke from New York:

"Photos can give anyone an entirely new perspective, and i've always thought that it was truly something worthwhile to be able to show people another side of what they see."

Amanda Olbrys from Indiana:

"Also it’s a way to get my random images that I create out of my head so I can see them though my own yes not just my brain."

You can access the photoblog right from this very page and see the two most recent photos from the thumbnails at the top of the page. Just click a thumbnail and you'll be directed to cameracrowd's photoblog. Anyways we're estatic to see what will be posted!

~team camera crowd

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