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Monday, July 31, 2006

In dreams, emotions are overwhelming

"A man held captive by the people in his dreams tries to wake himself up and take control of his own imaginings"

To those who enjoy sci-fi drama films, and colourful sequences that look like they've been taken directly out of a pop up book, boy we got a film for you.

From the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry, comes a dreamlike film, ( no pun intended). The Science of Sleep is dubbed as the next sci-fi drama film to capture the hearts and minds of independent film enthusiasts. Some fans think the plot for The Science of Sleep is too similar to Eternal Sunshine, with both main characters dealing with issues related to the mind and trying to fix the relationship they're in at the same time. But even with the same director, I don't think S.O.S will remind you of E.S.O.S.M, for one, Science of Sleep deals with dreams, Eternal Sunshine dealt with erasing memories. And two, the characters are totally different, the main character, Stephane, played by Gael Garcia Bernal moves from Mexico to his childhood home in Paris after his father's death. There he meets, Stephanie a composer who lives across the hall, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. The two start a relationship and through it, Stephane's dream world makes its way to the real world and the two clash. What you get are scenes of dream sequences and real life combining forming beautiful and elaborate scenes of cardboard cities and colourful life.

The first thing that pulled me to go see this movie when it comes out is its leading actor, Gael Garcia Bernal, I'm familiar and love his films so I definitely can't miss this one. When you watch the trailer, you know you've seen him somewhere but can't point your finger to it. Two of the better known flicks he was in was the raunchy Y Tu Mama Tambien, and the docu-drama The Motorcycle Diaries. If you haven't seen those two, go to your nearest blockbuster and rent them. Just a heads up, both are rated R, but Y Tu Mama Tambien should've been NC-17 if you know what i mean. Oh and look out for Gael Garcia Bernal in the movie Babel, with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

I don't have much information on Charlotte Gainsbourg, all i know is that she had a role in the movie 21 Grams and she's actually a musician in real life not just in the film. She has an album titled 5:55 from Astralwerks coming out later this year.

Speaking of music, this movie has a decent soundtrack. If you're wondering what the first song is that plays on the trailer, its "After Hours" by The Velvet Underground, don't confuse them with Velvet Revolver, The Velvet Underground was a experimental, art, rock band in the 60's and 70's. And check this out, Andy Warhol was the band's manager for a couple of years.
Rilo Kiley has an "After Hours" cover, so if you like the original version and really want to hear the R.K version, then leave a comment here and we'll send it to you. i don't feel like putting it up here cause it took me awhile to track that baby down so yeah.

Don't forget to check out The Science of Sleep website, it has a lot neat wallpapers, buddy icons, and a "What Do Dreams Mean" section.

Now for the all important linkages:

Velvet Underground- After Hours

Charlotte Gainsbourg- The Songs That We Sing

The Science of Sleep Website

Charlotte Gainsbourg's myspace


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