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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is our summer blockbuster.

Anne and I have been waiting all summer long for something like this to come our way. After seeing the trailer, the same feeling i got two summers ago crawled up on my skin. You know what im talking about right? The Indie flick written and directed by Scrubs character Zach Braff that came out two summers ago. I got that same infinite, "damn i have a feeling this is going to be good before i even go see it/i can't wait to have it on dvd" feeling. Yeah exactly!

Little Miss Sunshine, starring everyone's The Office favorite, Steve Carell, you know it's going to be funny. Not 40 year old virgin funny, but Garden State funny. I'm comparing Little Miss Sunshine and Garden State alot not because they're both summer indie flicks coming out of Fox Searchlight Pictures, not because they both have a semi-all star cast, and not because they both have a decent indie{tastic} soundtrack, but because upon watching the trailer, you can sense that this movie is going to be calm and at the same time an adventure in the making.

Garden State gave us a whole dimension of characters, ranging from the guy who doesn't know where his life is heading, to the chronic liar, and so on. You can see from the trailer that Little Miss Sunshine has the same characteristics.

If this isn't enough to convince you to see it, how about this....

Sufjan Stevens is in the soundtrack. Yeah how bout now?

So skip those long, annoying lines and the rowdy teenager crowds at the megaplexes and find yourself a theater that shows Indie films and see this movie.

The movie comes out today in New York and L.A. But will show in more theaters later on this month.

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