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Monday, July 24, 2006

voxtrot has a fabulous family tree

I have to say by discovering Voxtrot, {Charlie&I love them to death, so if you haven't heard them, please don't deprive yourself of these five fine gentlemen, I was led to find their keyboardist, Jared Van Fleet's gorgeous solo project, Sparrow House. His friend, Red Hunter, an Austin local sang on a Sparrow House song called "The Reflection" and is in a band I talked about recently here, Peter and the Wolf. Then today I discovered both Voxtrot's bassist and drummer, Jason Chronis and Matt Simon are in this four-piece band called Belaire.

And they rock!

They're perfect with summertime and lemonade, so go ahead and indulge. Think of carefree Tilly and the Wall and synth-loversThe Octopus Project. I can't imagine how much fun they are live, but unfortuantely, right now Belaire is on a sort of hiatus, since each of the members are involved with other projects. Their latest show was back in June, and no shows have been scheduled yet.

{photo by Jason Cox}

The other members are vocalist, synth-maker and guitarist: Cari Palazzolo and vocalist and synth-maker: Christa Palazzolo. They're twins!

Belaire's got a self-titled EP for sale and also a limited edition 7" vinyl that has the song "Haunted Castle". On their MySpace, there are three songs available for downloading and this one very very extremely, incredibly amusing and cute french/english song called, "Ces Mots" {translated: "These Words"}. They also covered Kayne West's "Through the Wire" and it's pretty awesome; it's downloadable and waiting on their MySpace.

Tune in&purchase:
...from unknown?

...from S/T EP
Belaire-Back into the Wall

All that Linkage{in order of appearance&more}:
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