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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Explosions in the Sky w/Eluvium @ Numbers, Houston, 03/07/07

Last night was the Explosions in the Sky show with Eluvium opening and it was glorious. This was my third time seeing Explosions play and every time they put all of their energy into making the music come alive on stage, it is breath-taking. They're so focused on the music and don't break the atmosphere by talking onstage especially in between the songs. They keep strumming while playing with the pedals in between songs making a lovely connected set.

I underestimated people and thought I could get a good spot if I arrived at the venue an hour before doors opened, but when I got there, there had to be at least 100 people already lined up sitting, talking to each other from the door to the parking lot. As a photographer I was in a rough spot, there were three tall and I mean tall guys in front of me, but as a show goer, I enjoyed the show immensely. So all the photos I took have peoples' heads in them and blurry faces, I'm really really sorry, after all this is half a photography blog!

Which means if you're going to see them arrive maybe an hour and a half or two hours early if you can! Plus, I love getting there early so I can hear bands warm up from outside the venue, it's just a neat feeling for some reason, I heard "Welcome, Ghosts" while I was waiting outside of Numbers it was at that moment that it really sunk in that I was going to see Explosions in mere minutes!

Eluvium the opening band, which is also on Explosion's label Temporary Residence Ltd. will be touring with Explosions for the rest of the tour. I feel his set didn't settle too well with the audience. A lot of people acted as if it was background music talking on their cell phone, texting, playing solitaire on their PDA?!, talking to their friends really loudly...all while someone is onstage playing music for them, just makes me mad just thinking about it.

Matthew Cooper of Eluvium stayed on the right side of the stage and I think that threw people off since about 75% of the audience standing in the left and middle part couldn't see where the music was coming from. I picked up a copy of his new album Copia and it is amazing and beautiful music...if only the audience knew what they missed!

From the moment Explosions played their first notes to the end of the set the audience was in rapture. I'm not exactly sure of the setlist and order, but they did play "Catastrophe and the Cure", which is possibly my favorite song off their new album. They did have an electric Yamaha keyboard out for the songs with piano parts and also Munaf (guitarist) plays a single drum that's placed in the front of the stage; it was one of the coolest parts of the shows to see him drum so energetically. They also played of course "First Breath After Coma", "Yasmin The Light" and "The Only Moment We Were Alone". They probably played one or two more new songs off their new album, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, but I don't want to name any songs unless I'm sure.

In "The Only Moment We Were Alone" there was one part where the crowd started clapping along with the drums, I always loved things like that, crowd participation makes you realize that everyone around you in that very room has something in common with you, the love for the same band. I remember after "Yasmin The Light", someone said, "That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen," referring to a certain part in that song where Michael James (bassist) and Mark Smith (guitarist) just shred their instruments in sync as if there were no tomorrow. I have to give it to Numbers for their amazing lighting, beautiful, beautiful sound and air conditioning/fans to clear out the smoke! Thank you so much!

Explosions also have new merch on board for this tour including the most beautiful tee shirt designs you've ever seen. What's available are I think a total of five tee shirt designs all printed on American Apparel, all of their four albums, a tote bag and two LPs! Try and buy merch before the show so you can get the size that you want!

There isn't much to say except this: if you want a truly, good show please do yourself a favor and go see Explosions in the Sky. If you do, it will be the best show you'll see this year.

For tour dates and where to buy tickets, click here and check back often if your city/country isn't on there just yet! For more photos you can go here, but I have to say they are not my best.

Download {7 days} + Purchase:

{We use yousendits, which we usually replace with sendspace files that won't expire, but for the song we're uploading by Explosions In The Sky we will only have it available for the 7 days. Please buy the album, you'll only be giving yourself the best album of 2007 and that doesn't sound too bad right?}

Catastrophe and the Cure | Explosions In The Sky

Prelude For Time Feelers | Eluvium


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thundered cat said...

i was simply googling and found this. i just saw explosions play live a week ago and they've been on my mind still. it was truly an amazing experience (although you wrote this a year ago) :)