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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Barmitzvah Brothers

What do you get when you put together musical instruments such as; a fiddle, trumpet, keyboard, banjo, wurlitzer, and hand them over to five friends from Guelph, Ontario? Why you get the "superhappyfunshine band" known as The Barmitzvah Brothers. No, they're not brothers, and as far as I know, not Jewish either.The band has been around since 2000 that included members Geordie Gordon, Jenny Mitchell, and John Merritt. They recently added two more members, Sylvie Smith, who's also in the duo Habitat, and Tristan O' Malley.

Ever since their formation in 2000, they've released four albums including "The Century of Invention" which came out last year. Also over the years, they've toured all over Canada with bands you're all familiar off such as The Arcade Fire, and Final Fantasy. I discovered The Barmitzvah Brothers through Habitat who's also from Guelph, Ontario. Their unique, energetic, and indescribable sound is what caught my attention and led me to buying "The Century of Invention" a couple of months ago.

The Century of Invention consists of 11 songs with a concoction of different sounds ranging from electro pop,
country-hoe down, folk, and a bunch of other things, like I said, indescribable. The first track on the album, Car #7 literally turns on the ignition to this energetic album with loud cheers that remind you of the old Arcade Fire. It's one of my favourite songs on the album and it always begs for a repeat. It's a roller coaster feeling of songs that follow after, to the finger snapping Hollow Time of Night and the calm sounds of what seems like a ukulele on Little Jack

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them live since im nowhere near Guelph, Ontario or any part of Canada. So if you decide to pick up their cd, you can do so on Permafrost Records or get it on Itunes.

Car #7 | The Barmitzvah Brothers

Hollow Time of Night | The Barmitzvah Brothers

>> Official Website
>> Myspace (Don't forget to check out "New Orleans" when you get there.)
>> Permafrost Records : Buy the album there
>> Sylvie Smith's other band : Habitat
>>Habitat's Myspace


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