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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Camera Crowd's Spring Blooms Mix!

So long old man winter! Those long and cold days are gone and won't return for another nine months. Let's welcome the familiar sights and sounds of our beloved Spring. You know what I'm talking about, the birds and the bees, (not referring to the awkward talk with your parents) the beautiful cherry and plum blossoms blooming, bears finally leaving their caves, and the inevitable allergy symptoms.

Yeah! It's time to get out of the house and seize the day, well I don't know about the East Coast and the Midwest, looks like you guys still need several layers of clothing. Lucky for us Californians and Texans we've been blessed with close to t-shirt weather. Don't worry Spring will soon come your way.

For those of you who have been having sunny days and clear skies, go out and take advantage of it! We've compiled ten songs which hopefully will convince you to head out the door and enjoy the pretty weather.

So here's how it should work:

1. Take the songs with you! (Oh, don't forget your camera!)
2. Grab a couple of friends
3. Head to the park
4. Have a small picnic and enjoy the sun!!

{You can hear the playlist by using the music player here and then download the songs you like below! Save time by multi-tasking: check your email, facebook, myspace while listening...}

{Click on the song title to download, we use yousendits so right-click and open it in another window. We will not re-link these so all the songs on here will only be available for 7 days. You can still stream it on the music player though for as long and as much as you want. Click on the artist/band name for more info!}

  1. The Tulips | Bloc Party *
  2. Walk In The Park | Oh No! Oh My! #
  3. Happy Yellow Bumblebee | Of Montreal #
  4. Scenic World | Beirut *
  5. The Debt Collectors | Ben Lee *
  6. Lost Time | Maria Taylor *
  7. Spent On Rainy Days | Bright Eyes *
  8. April Skies | The Jesus & Mary Chain #
  9. Surfing The Warm Industry | Kashmir #
  10. Flowers In Bloom | Architekture #
*anne's picks
#charlie's picks

Love Team Camera Crowd,
(Anne and Charlie)


Denae said...

thank you so much for the playlist!ww

Susan said...

yay spring! :)

music is art said...

thankyou for stopping by MIA :) this is a lovely playlist!

butter team said...

your site is dope. nice mix.

Anonymous said...

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