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Saturday, October 14, 2006

please be careful out there!

I just learned that last night a HPD officer walked into Walter's on Washington's(a music venue in downtown Houston, TX) during Two Gallants set to follow through on a noise issue. Somehow through trying to get Two Gallants to lower the volume or something, the police pulled out his taser and used it on the crowd and the band members. Several people from the crowd got arrested and also Tyson from Two Gallants, but he's out and Two Gallants is going on with the tour. Instruments and equipment were also apparently destroyed by the cop at the scene. I'm getting this from people who were at the show and mostly just summarizing this thread from the Two Gallants forum. I recommend you to read the posts on that thread and there are also a couple of videos on there too of the incident.

I don't know what the story is, even I couldn't believe it when I saw a 15 clip on the news, but these things can happen.

If this ever happens at any show you are at; I recommend you to get out of that venue as fast as you can.

I know it sounds like, god, I'm not a coward and I'm going to defend my band goddammit, but honestly I think you are just going to make it worse if you interfere. The police will already feel powerless, since they are naturally outnumbered, so they will probably use what they have in order to gain control. Of course, will I follow my own advice, if the same situation comes up in the future, I can't promise you that I will. But for the smarter ones out there, the key is to make petitions, write letters and beat down the door of the police department.

I am extremely worried about bands that are coming up to play soon at Walter's, such as Thunderbirds Are Now! and Voxtrot. Also this kind of shook me up a bit, because Walter's is a venue I go to a lot and it's just strange and frightening to see something bad happen there. I also saw The Departed today, which parallels to the ugly side of cops and such.

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