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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

3 minute entry: The Decemberists

{Photo by Autumn de Wilde}

Somehow describing The Decemberists with words alone has always been hard.

Take one:

"I think you'll like this band called The Decemberists,"
"Oh yeah? What do they sound like?"
"Uhhh...well they sing sea shanties...kind of."
"What the?! I don't know you..."
The better route is handing them one of their albums: Her Majesty, Picaresque, or their latest album, The Crane Wife. They would immediately join you in the puzzle of trying to describe Colin Meloy & Co's catchy 'sea shanties'.

I found on their website a really neat video of a "photo shoot with The Decemberists". It shows how many people are actually behind the scenes bustling around with makeup and backdrops for a few photos. It is also humorous and gives a nice view of The Decemberists just being themselves. Also the photographer in action in the video is Autumn de Wilde, who has captured the memorable images of Elliott Smith, Beck, Jenny Lewis, Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie and so many more. We here at cameracrowd are in awe over her work and we hope you realize how much work goes into the photos in magazines lining the shelves at Barnes & Nobles. If you do swing by the bookstore, the latest issues of FILTER and Under the Radar magazine have The Decemberists on their covers. So if you want to learn more about them, stop by the bookstore, when you're picking up their new album, The Crane Wife. Here are the rest of the photos that came out of the photo shoot!


>>> Photo shoot video with The Decemberists
<<< Final photographs that came out from the shoot
>>> The Decemberists official site
<<< The Decemberists MySpace
>>> Buy The Crane Wife
<<< Autumn de Wilde's website
Enjoy reading with a cup of coffee/tea:


Under the Radar
Downloads & purchase:
from The Crane Wife:
>>>Summersong | The Decemberists


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