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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh I'm Happy When It Rains [Playlist]

Photo by: Andre Gallant

Ignoring freak snow storms, the start of November or the week of Thanksgiving is usually the start of rainy/snowy season. For as long as I can remember, I've been a "rain, rain don't go away.." kid. I totally prefer the rain over a nice sunny day. Sunny summer days just give me headaches and makes me grumpy. There's something about the sights and sounds of the rain that makes it so beautiful. And there's nothing else besides music and a warm sweater that would perfectly go along with the rainy weather.

I've put together several songs that would have your senses thanking you during those wintery days. Most of these songs have little or nothing to do with the rain, but each and every one of them is soothing to the ears just like a warm cup of real green tea flowing down your throat(not that snapple/arizona crap).

And one more thing, before you carve that big turkey/tofurky of yours, think about the less fortunate who aren't having a big meal this thanksgiving. Try and help out the less fortunate by donating canned goods at your local supermarket. Or if you wanna go further, help out on Thanksgiving day at your local soup kitchen, it's only for a couple of hours on Thanksgiving morning. I did just that a couple of years ago and volunteered at a local church in San Francisco and served food to the homeless. So do what you can, there are millions out there who are starving right now, even the people who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, even one can of stuffings can make a difference.

Happy When It Rains playlist

1. Happy When It Rains - The Jesus & Mary Chain
2. A.M slow golden hit - Hotel Lights
3. Rain And Sun - We Will Build
4. Say - Cat Power
5. Leaving Philadelphia - Denison Witmer
6. Some kind of Chill - Arizona
7. Day Six - Explosions in the Sky
8. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games - Of Montreal
9. Warmest Part Of The Winter - Voxtrot
10. Acid Tongue (Live) - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins


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Wayne said...

thanx for the voxtrot, i havent heard a bad one yet from them, although its almost 100% down here, trying to stay cool