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Sunday, November 19, 2006

3 minute entry : Magic Bullets

I mentioned Magic Bullets a couple of weeks ago in my Voxtrot show post, and this Bay Area band has been on repeat on Chan (my mp3 player) ever since. Their hip swaying beats are seriously infectious and unstoppable.

It's sad to say that I'm not familiar with a lot of San Francisco musicians, I'm too caught up with what's coming out from Austin and somewhat ignoring my own turf. This band is slowly changing that. After seeing these guys, I'm much more open to the sounds of San Francisco. We'll make our mark on the map soon, I hope San Francisco can be the next Austin, or the next Montreal.

Magic Bullets is a band that will no doubt have you shaking and burning the dance floor. This band who "keep their hair and songs short" can easily headline a show with no disappointments. They will release their debut c.d titled "a CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love" in early 2007.

For now, we only get a tiny slice of the hot cake.

Lay Low - Magic Bullets

New Kicks - Magic Bullets

more songs

Tour Dates: (they're only touring the San Francisco Bay Area right now)

Nov 29 2006 - Bottom of the Hill w/ Nightmare of You

Dec 11 2006 - The Knockout-- DONUTS


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