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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Evening with The Greatest

It started out as a dream the night before the show, call it a "Moon Pix" moment. I had a dream I was already in the crowd staring at Chan Marshall sing but woke up way too early and the end got cut off. I knew I had to create my own storybook ending.

It was cold and rainy Sunday night in San Francisco, people were coming back home from their Thanksgiving trip, I was making the trek to the famous Fillmore. I had half an hour left before the doors opened, so with my spare change, I decided to hit Safeway and buy Chan a bouquet of flowers. While waiting for the show to start, I kept thinking to myself, "is she going to take them?" and " what if im too shy to give them to her?"

As usual, the great Memphis Rhythm Band started the show by playing a couple of songs, I didn't know if it was the band or the Fillmore sound system, but the acoustics sounded so clear. Then the notes to "The Greatest" started playing and Chan Marshall made her way to the stage with her usual green collared long sleeve and black tank top show attire. As soon as she put down her drink, I reached my hand out and handed her the flowers, this was easier said than done. My heart was running laps in my chest as Chan grabbed the flowers and smiled and shook my hand.

Halfway through the show, she sat on a speaker next to me, and we were literally less than an inch apart. That whole moment was hazy, I couldn't even remember what song she was singing. She takes her hand and pets me in the head before she got up. Yeah, what a moment.

The majority of the songs she played were from "The Greatest", i wish she had played more from "You are Free" though. Chan also sang a couple of songs from her "Covers Record" including Gnarls Barkley's song, Crazy. She sang her heart out even though that was an early show and had another show right after.
The crowd was great too, barely any kids around and it was mostly adults in their late 30's and 40's.

All in all, it was thirty dollars well spent. Minus the interactions with Chan, it was exactly like my dream, colourful and beautiful, and this time, i knew how it ended.

The Cat Power show that was streamed on last week is still available for download. It's an okay substitute if you haven't seen her live, although it won't do justice.

Cat Power in Concert

The Greatest (Live @ La Cigale Paris) - Cat Power

more photos from the show


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William said...

Glad you had a time well spent seeing her. I saw her in Memphis, Atlanta, and Athens within the past two weeks. I ran into her at a bookstore before the show in Athens and chatted up with her briefly. She's such a kind soul. She dedicated Wild Is The Wind to me in Athens, by name.