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Friday, November 17, 2006

Chapman - Unexploded Bombshell

It's not often you get a musician to bare his or her soul and have their triumphs and tragedies come out beautiful on a c.d. Anne and I can name one from the top of our head, Elliott Smith.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a comparison to Elliott, it's more about Dom Chapman, a singer, songwriter from London. Having written his first song on the inside of a shoebox lid at age 5, Chapman has gone a longway. After bouncing from club to club singing and being involved with two different bands, he finally decided to go solo and write his own album.

We all go through a time frame in our life where everything just seem to go a different way. Halfway through the album, Chapman suffered a lot of heartbreaking losses in the family. I won't go into details as to what they were, but lets just say if they happened to you, they'll keep you depressed for months or even longer. The events made a big impact on Chapman's album. The heartbreaking yet have a "positive" outlook feeling is definitely in the songs. I'm a big fan of singer/songwriters who are equipped with a piano, and Dom Chapman is one of them. Certain songs on this c.d can easily make it to a Zach Braff movie soundtrack.

Dom Chapman's album titled " Unexploded Bombshell" is a chronicle of Chapman's life stripped down to the soul and the beautiful layers of his voice and the piano.

Burning Bridges - Chapman

The River - Chapman

listen to more songs on his myspace

Chapman website

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