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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Team Camera Crowd No. 4

About three months ago we said goodbye to our 3rd batch of photographers and began accepting applications for the new group. It took us awhile to unveil the new group because we were swamped with personal things and the fact that we extended the submission date. I know some of you guys haven't applied due to the traffic in our photoblog. Let's face it, we get more traffic for the music blog rather than the photoblog. But we're a small blog run by two people who don't want to spend the whole day infront of the computer, it's just tough. We're working our way to expanding the photography aspect of this site so that the traffic between the music blog and the photoblog will be balanced.

So without further ado, Anne and I want to introduce to you guys our new batch of photographers who's talented and emotive work will grace our photoblog for the next 3 months. For our last batch, we had two talented ladies and a guy. It's the opposite this time around, we have two talented guys gracing from Eastern U.S and one bright gal from Singapore. Congrats to them and please visit the photoblog every now and then let them know what you think of their work.

Take out the Party Punch from Oh No! Oh My! and let's go go go!

Alexander Bowman, from Greensboro, North Carolina

"I feel like my sense of design and knack for composition , gained from doing other artwork sets me apart from alot of other people. I feel like I can capture colors and moods fairly well, and I still have alot of room to improve."

Christopher Moore, from Westminster, Maryland

"The world is beautiful. People are beautiful. Even if things are not outwardly beautiful…decaying things, destroyed things, things of strife and sorrow…. We can take them in our minds and twirl and twist them with our cameras and our tools and we can take into account the aesthetic and the story and everything that makes this object more than just that and we make it a picture. It is because of this that I think art is the most powerful force of humanity. We change the world around us in six hundredths of a second."

Nurul, from Singapore

"I realize that I’ve begun to shoot with more seriousness. I look out for the messages inscribed in certain compositions I want to frame and emote. Plus, it’s nice to capture these little pockets of reality that is constantly fleeting. Photos help freeze them in thought and memory"

-Charlie and Anne

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