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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take it Away Annie Clark

Yeah I know we haven't been posting, Anne's just overwhelmed with loads of school stuff, and what's my excuse? Well I've been focusing everything on my photography and finding a part time job, I have a couple of projects planned and it's just been my main priority. I haven't been up to date with music as well. Until we get that settled, you won't see that much posts from us.

With that being said, I just want to inform all you Annie Clark (St. Vincent) fans that there's three new Take Away shows on Blogotheque. Vincent Moon and Blogotheque has done it again. St. Vincent performs; "Marry me", "Jesus saves, I spend", and "Paris Is Burning". Most, if not all of the Take Away Shows are pretty intimate, but these St. Vincent performances are as intimate as they can get. You have the darling Annie Clark lying in her bed, with her guitar, singing "Marry Me". The mood of the performance just makes you feel like you're actually there, sitting next to her and she's singing to you.

Watch the videos, get the album if you haven't, it's been out for months now, and we'll be back more posts later.

Here's one of the videos:

Stream + Download + Purchase

Marry Me | St. Vincent


» St.Vincent website
» The Take-Away Shows
» Buy Album
» Upcoming UK tour dates
*Edit, from anne: for all the people in New York, St. Vincent will be playing an in-store at Other Music, for free, of course, next Tuesday(10/16) at 8PM. get there early, it's kind of a tiny store and St. Vincent is 'kind of' amazing.

and to charlie, I am not overwhelmed!
I'm just living. =)*



Nick Fulton said...

Nice Blog. I'll add a link from mine.

miss m said...

Check out the video I took of last night's show--oh, and her pedal board! Woah nelly!