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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Voxtrot,The Little Ones @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (10/14/07)

Sunday night, Voxtrot brought Texas to Williamsburg and what a wonderful and energetic show it was. Doesn't seem a little surgery prevents Ramesh or the band from putting on a freakin' fantasticsuperstellar, show not that I doubted them for one nanosecond, get better Ramesh! The Little Ones also put on a great set, with their sunny LA smiles and addictive melodies and shaking maracas. Both The Little Ones and Voxtrot will be playing CMJ showcases (Voxtrot is playing at BV's Bowery Ballroom show tonight and at 4PM they're playing a free all ages show with Jack Penate at Fontana's!), so make sure you check them out this week and for those who don't live in NY no worries, both bands will most likely be touring in a city near you, just check out their websites listed in links below. The setlist for Voxtrot's set is right after the photos and you can also view all of the photos from this show here.


Kid Gloves
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Your Biggest Fan
Soft & Warm
Raised By Wolves
New Song
Brother In Conflict
The Start of Something

Download + Purchase:

Ghost | Voxtrot
Lovers Who Uncover | The Little Ones


» Voxtrot's Official Site
» Voxtrot's Official MySpace
» The Little Ones' Official Site
» The Little Ones' Official MySpace


PS. We will have a new kind of post that is a sort of follow-up to select show posts. They'll be titled Series: followed by the band name, date and location of the show. (this is what I'm talking about when I said 'special' Beirut post in the pass it on box) These are posts that will only have black and white and one day color photos that are taken by film cameras (not digital pretending to be b/w).

These may be posted as late as a month after the show has happened, since it takes time to process film, develop prints individually, scanned, uploaded, etc. I've been taking photos of shows with 35mm for awhile now, and I guess it's time to share some of them. Since I'm talking about it on this post, you've probably already figured out the second
Series post is Voxtrot, but in case, it's a late night where you are, now you know.


Hunter Wry said...

Nice! Can't wait to see them.

Carles said...

Sweet LITTLE ONES track.

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