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Monday, October 15, 2007

3 minute entry: Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader)

*latest update on 01/17/08*I've been meaning to post about Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader) ***the project name has been changed to Jimmy Two Fingers*** for a long time, boy that's a mouthful, but somehow I never got around to it. What with sweater season right around the corner you might think it's just cold where you are, but it's really his music that's raising goosebumps along your forearms.

It's his deep cavernous voice that you'll fall for first, but then you'll find his lyrics will linger in your head throughout the day. One-liners will make themselves at home such as, "I'll find a hole in the sun and put stuff inside it, and if it gets too full the lights go out and my world will come undone, like this..." in Astronomy (Undone), which then leads to this beautiful banjo part, with backing tambourines.

When you're hearing the songs for the first time, try and listen to the lyrics and instead of following the different instrument parts, no matter how beautiful they are! It'll be hard I know, because I didn't truly listen to the exact words he was singing for about half a year. I was so distracted by the variations of rough and soft nuances of his voice or I'd just get so caught up in waiting for the banjo part to unveil in "Astronomy" or let my mind get wrapped around the falling piano keys in "Curtains". When I finally listened to the lyrics throughout the full song, it was like listening to a whole new song.

I don't know a lot about the guy behind this project except, he was nice enough to send me some songs when I asked if he had any songs I could put on a blog. His name's Jimmy Magliozzi and he has a myspace up for the project, which I linked below. He's also in a four-person band called The Beaux Champs, that is in another musical vein; they put out a full length this summer called Hold Your Fire.

Stream + Download + More:

Astronomy (Undone) | Jimmy Two Fingers

Curtains | Jimmy Two Fingers


» Jimmy (A Good Name For A Boy Or A Crusader)'s Official MySpace
» The Beaux Champs' Official MySpace



i could sleep through a world war said...

wow. boy or crusader, it doesn't matter... this guy creates some beautiful tunes.

Anonymous said...

this kid is a genius!