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Thursday, November 02, 2006

3 minute entry: Sparrow House

*latest update on (11/19/06)*

Heard the news from GorillavsBear that Sparrow House's new EP, Falls is now finally available! GvB also has one of the songs off the EP for download, "Foxes (sighing like a furnace)". We've been anticipating this release since April, so thank goodness new material has surfaced and the EP is a tangible thing.

If you have not heard of SH, you may know of a band called Voxtrot. Well the keyboardist/guitarist in that band is also the man behind SH. It is hard to say no to the soothing voice of Jared Van Fleet and the carefully layered instruments and "ooohs"/"mmmms". "When I am Gone" has been shared around the internet and made its place onto mix cds and casual word-of-mouth talk. Some of the newer songs are more in the vein of "Blindfolded Waltz", instead of the lone guitar on "When I am Gone". These polished and flowing songs off the six-song EP Falls is available for $6.99 and will be mailed out on Nov. 10th. No worries the old/demo version of "When I am Gone" that we all know and love is the same and untouched on the EP. The EP will also be available at the upcoming Voxtrot shows.

The only SH show scheduled currently is in New York w/Ola Podrida at Union Hall on Nov. 9th and we hope there will be a more lengthier tour all around.

***new update (11/12): He will be releasing three more EPs next year! Sign up for SH's mailing list to be the first to know of shows and EP release dates.

***new update (11/19): Just received Falls in my mailbox last night and its more than I could ever have wanted. It's absolutely amazing and beautiful. So here's the tracklisting and to read a short description on the songs, just hover your mouse over the song.

Falls | Sparrow House

  1. Heart Flood
  2. Foxes (sighing like a furnace)
  3. When I Am Gone
  4. You Sang Along
  5. Blindfold Waltz
  6. Last Fall

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>>> When I am Gone | Sparrow House
<<< The Reflection | Sparrow House (w/Red Hunter from Peter & the Wolf)


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