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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our 100th post and celebrations of sorts mix!

Unlike a lot of other blogs, who easily hit their 100th post mark in their first few months without breaking a sweat or computers, Camera Crowd is a blog that has always taken time with their posts and well we like to think that's a good thing. There is enough "stuff" out there on the Internet for you to read and digest and as much as we'd like to shove bands down your throat every day(blogger joke?), we just want to make sure who we post is worthwhile of your time. It's also a good excuse for not letting a blog run our lives and not being on the computer once in awhile.

While we're at it there are a few other minor calls for celebration. This blog was started last year in June and now that the earth has made its way back again, Camera Crowd is now one year old and we hope we'll stay with it and who knows what will happen. Tomorrow is Charlie's 22nd birthday and then on Tuesday it's Anne's 18th birthday!

Now that we got those out of the way, here's a playlist that we've compiled to celebrate these lovely landmarks. All the songs are by the bands/artists we've written in any of the past 99 posts and we've provided a link to the post if you missed it the first time around.

Finally, we'd like to thank you, yes you reading this silly post right now! Thank you for reading whether it be your first time on this blog or your 29374932th time. For readers who've been on here before, we hope we introduced some music you've enjoyed and will continue to or try at least. The big thank you goes to the people who make the music of course, after all, you are the reason why us bloggers are here.

Alright, as always downloads are only available for 7 days!

{You can hear the whole playlist by using the music player below and then you can either download individual songs or the whole playlist. We don't want you wasting summertime by being online all day, so save time while listening: go check your email, facebook, myspace, insert latest social networking obsession...}

{What you're clicking from left to right: click on the song title to download, we use yousendits, so right-click to open in another window/tab. Click on the artist/band name for their MySpace or official site. Click on the » to read past posts we've written on the artist/band. }

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Susan said...

yay! congrats! :)

& happy birthday charlie (for the fifth or sixth time!) :P