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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shout Out Louds

So let's focus our attention on Sweden for a moment. Over the years they've given us a lot and we've overlooked them. Some of our favourite artists have hailed from Sweden; Peter Bjorn and John, Jose Gonzalez, The Cardigans, and ABBA ( I grew up listening to them ;) ). Let's also not forget our beloved Ikea stores, you gotta love those low-cost modern furnitures. Another Swedish product to add to the list is the band Shout Out Louds.

My friend Marina (who's also one of our photobloggers) introduced me to this indie/pop band hailing from Stockholm that's been around since 2001. Let's just say listen to your friends when they recommend a new artist, friends don't let friends listen to awful music, to those who do, you guys are awful! I was instantly hooked after hearing a couple of their songs from their upcoming sophomore album Our Ill Wills which won't come out in North America till September 11th, but is already out now in Sweden. Yeah that's right, September 11th?! No worries though, Shout Out Louds are nice enough to give us a 5 track EP that's out today. It includes the song that got me hooked on them, "Tonight I Have to Leave It", and two other remixes to that song.

Summer has officially started and if you're looking for a band to fall in love with and keep you company this summer, listen to Shout Out Louds. This Swedish group will make you dance and sing along with their distinct European pop sound. The ignorable percussions and the sound of the violin will have you craving for more, I promise. It's definitely what I expected from a Swedish pop band. If you wanna catch these guys on tour this summer, I hope you live in either N.Y, L.A, or San Fran, cause those are the only stops they're making.

Tonight I Have to Leave It | Shout Out Louds

Time Left For Love | Shout Out Louds

Tonight I Have To Leave It EP tracklisting:
1. Tonight I Have to Leave It (album version)
2. Don’t Get Yourself Involved
3. Streams Of Whiskey (w/ The Essex Green)
4. Tonight I Have to Leave It (The Russian Futurists Remix)
5. Tonight I Have to Leave It (Kleerup Remix)

Buy the EP now at

>>> Official Site
<<< Myspace



kyle said...

forget about jens lekman? or the knife? swedes rock.

i'm very excited for their newest album.

Susan said...

i used to listen to shout out louds, before i had to reformat my computer... D: