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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3 minute entry: Maestro Echoplex

Just came across Maestro Echoplex, the project of a "Johnny Fountaine", who is actually Andrew Spencer Goldman, talk about secret identities. There is beautiful soft layering of his voice and a gentle guitar traveling along with not a care in the world. Yes, the songs are long-winded like the long names, but we need more of this napping music anyways. He had his 2001 EP, Last Night I Saw God on The Dancefloor re-released courtesy of Catbird Records in July and, you can purchase it here for only $6 in return for 30 minutes of music that will make your cat purrrrrrrrr.

My Eyes Are Disconnected From My Head Is Disconnected From My Body| Maestro Echoplex


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