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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Camera in the Crowd hits the books.

So i assume everyone's already loaded up with homework and slowly losing printer ink? Well except for the U.C's, they don't start for another week. I don't know about you, but whenever I'm working on an essay or figuring out an oh so complex math problem, I need my music. It just makes homeworking go by faster and make that 5 page essay seem shorter, well perhaps not. Anyhoo, i've put together a 10 song playlist that will fit right into your micro sized mp3 player or your bulky cd player. It'll keep you up and sane when pulling those inevitable all nighters, and hopefully help you when you're stuck with just your name and date and not know what to write for your intro paragraph.

I've mixed it up with songs that will wake you up but not give you a headache, and several calm songs that are just relaxing to the ear and the mind. So download these and upload them to your Itunes or whatever player you use. It'll be a great homework buddy, especially Explosions in the Sky, i just had to put two tracks there, I know it's against the rule of making mix cds or mixtapes, but Explosions in the Sky is good for you!!!

1. Wake Up | The Arcade Fire
2. Suspended From Class | Camera Obscura
3. Day Six | Explosions in the Sky
4. Bad Education | Tilly and the Wall
5. 2:45 a.m | Elliott Smith
6. Look into the Air | Explosions in the Sky
7. Blindfold Waltz | Sparrow House
8. Saeglopur | Sigur Rós
9. Some kind of Chill | Arizona
10. Dear Mr. Supercomputer | Sufjan Stevens


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