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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Voxtrot @ The Proletariat, Houston (06/30/07)

Live reviews, shmive I really have to describe how painstakingly amazing a Voxtrot show is? Though it wasn't a surprise to me since I've seen both bands live before, I do have to mention to you, oh fellow reader, how Brazos and Tacks, The Boy Disaster were the best opening bands I've seen for a long while...they are from Austin after all. Some photos, some links, some words below...

» More photos from the show.

Voxtrot's setlist:
Kid Gloves
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Your Biggest Fan
Soft & Warm
Raised By Wolves
Brother In Conflict
The Start of Something
Missing Pieces
Songs I wish were on the setlist, just pure 2AM blogger wishful thinking/fun:
Every Day
Real Life Version
Blood Red Blood
Wrecking Force
Four Long Days
Dirty Version
This Is Not My Bloody War
To everyone who was rushed (rudely) out of the venue and didn't get a chance to buy their new merch, please order it online here at the Voxtrot store. More tour dates will be added, that means you Europe and select US cities. For now there is Pitchfork Festival & Siren Fest and two remaining dates for the Wrecking Force to road-trip to.

Word of advice: To the people who live in Austin or near it, you should all go to Belaire's CD release party at Emo's on July 6th, it's a foolproof fun show to attend. If this motivates you in any way, Jason Chronis and Matt Simon from Voxtrot are in the band!

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