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Monday, December 04, 2006

3 minute entry : Eglantine Gouzy

If you know me very well, you know that I'm an avid fan of the French language. I can never get enough of French musicians and French flicks, especially ones starring Audrey Tautou. But I made a mistake in high school and decided to take three years of Spanish instead of French thinking it would help me in the future, so far it hasn't. Even though I don't understand diddly jack except for a couple of phrases, I still love and appreciate French, It's just sounds so soft and fluid to the ears.

Here we have Eglantine Gouzy, I've been meaning to write about her for months now but something always comes up and I end up posting about someone else. You might recognize her from the "4 Woman No Cry" 2005 compilation from Monika Enterprise, if not then you might wanna check that out, it has three other interesting foreign female musicians. To me, Eglantine Gouzy's sounds crosses between a French Bjork, a pinch of electro pop and a tiny hint of Coco Rosie. If you absolutely love having the fluidity and beauty of French streaming in your ears, then you'll definitely love Eglantine Gouzy.

Sorry folks, she's only touring the Paris area right now. Boo!

from her latest album, Boamaster.

Boa - Eglantine Gouzy

more songs

Buy Boamaster

Check out 4 Woman No Cry


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