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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A fond farewell to James Kim

If you live in the Bay Area, you're all too familiar with the missing family of James Kim a senior editor at San Francisco's CNET where he reviews the latest digital audio gadgets. Eleven days ago, they he and his wife and two kids were reported missing in the Oregon mountains. After over a week of frantic search and rescue, authorities found his wife and kids on Monday, but James was still missing. It was said that after they ran out of food and have burned all the tires on their car for heat, he set out alone and went looking for help.

Today, his body was found on a ravine near the Siskiyou National Forest. Everyone had high hopes and were positive he would survive. James Kim is leaving behind his wife Kati, and daughters Penelope and 7 month old Sabine. All of this is just heartbreaking. Even though I dont know him personally, I always tuned in to his reviews back in the days when he used to work for TechTv. You will be missed James.

Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith
I Will Follow You Into the Dark (live) - Ben Gibbard
Amazing Grace - Sufjan Stevens


S.F Chronicle
doe - the clothing store the Kim family owns that's located on Haight St.


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