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Friday, April 06, 2007

Upcoming release: Night of The Furies | The Rosebuds

Duo acts are intriguing, there's only two individuals singing and playing instruments, yet they manage to make catchy sounds that put 5 piece bands to shame. Take for instance a couple of duo acts we've featured here in the Camera Crowd; the instrumentally good duo of We Will Build, and one of my favourites, Habitat from Guelph, Ontario. Another duo I'm adding on to the list is the duo act of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, also known as The Rosebuds.

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, The Rosebuds have released two full lengths and a couple of EP's and singles since then. I discovered them recently after getting a taste of "Get Up Get Out", a track from their newest album, Night of the Furies which is due out this coming Tuesday. The song just stayed in my head for days and I couldn't get enough of it. Finding out that The Rosebuds are a duo, (for tours, they have Giorgio Angelini and Matt McCaughan with them) I got even more excited about this newly discovered band, so I decided to dig deeper.

I haven't had the chance to listen to The Rosebuds' old stuff so I didn't know what to expect from Night of the Furies. So I spent some quality time with it on Rhapsody because it was available for stream, (sorry folks its not there anymore) and wondered if there are any more tracks in the album just as fun and energetic as Get up Get Out. And after a couple of listens, I couldn't find any other tracks just like Get up Get Out. What I got was eight other tracks that reminded me of one of my favourite bands Jesus and Mary Chain, hints of The Cure and an injection of today's indie pop sounds. Several tracks including "Get Up Get Out" quickly stood out. Such as "I Better Run" where we get to hear Kelly Crisp's soft and seductive voice. Another track that can easily make it to the dance floor is "Hold on To This Coat", not as energetic as "Get Up Get Out" though. And "Silja Line", a song that starts out slow and raw with Ivan Howard's voice then gets really powerful and almost Arcade Fire-like towards the end.

Night of the Furies comes out this Tuesday, so stop by your local record store or on and get this lovely self produced pop album. The Rosebuds have a U.S summer tour starting mid May, so make sure to check their myspace page for the dates.


1. My Punishment for Fighting
2.Cemetery Lawns
3. I Better Run
4. Get Up Get Out
5. Silence By the Lakeside
6. Hold On To This Coat
7. Silja Line
8. When The Lights Went Dim
9. Night Of The Furies

Get Up Get Out | The Rosebuds

I Better Run | The Rosebuds

>>> Official Site
<<< Myspace ( for more songs and tour dates)
>>>Buy the CD


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