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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Charlotte Gainsbourg finally arrives in the U.S

So yesterday, Charlotte Gainsbourg's album 5:55 finally got released here in the U.S. I reviewed her album last October when it came out through the French label, Because Music, I obviously had to spend lots of money because it was an Import and silly shipping and handling. So after I got it, I quickly decided that it was a good financial decision. I mean I would've had to wait for it to come out here in the U.S five months after if I didn't buy the import.

Anyhoo, I'm not going to tell you how good the album is and how lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg's voice sounds, because you can read all that here, the review I wrote five months ago. I'm just here to let you guys know that you can finally purchase the album without those added Import fees, it's available through Vice Records.

Read my review if you haven't, then check out the songs below, if you like what you hear, buy it!

Oh there's a video too for the song "The Songs That We Sing", it's a simple video, but it has the beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg in it, so you can't really beat that.

5 55 | Charlotte Gainsbourg

The Songs That We Sing | Charlotte Gainsbourg

>>>Official Website
<<< Because Music
>>> Vice Records
<<< Buy the C.D
>>>Watch the Video



CircleCircle said...

She is amazing…

wow, this blog hails from Houston? Great work.

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