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Love, team cameracrowd

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Camera Crowd's V-Day mix!

"Valentine's Day is a day invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap. "

And so we are told by the narrating thoughts of Jim Carrey's character Joel Barish in Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind. Whether you are single or taken, have a problem with Valentine's Day or you don't have a problem with this holiday, take a second and let it go this year.

All that stress and anger can't be good, instead focus on the good things like, how tomorrow you can run to the grocery stores and buy Valentine chocolates for half the price! Also, Valentine's Day doesn't have to stop at couples, take this holiday as an excuse to show how much you care about the people around you. Small things like an emailing a friend you haven't talked to in awhile, holding the door for a stranger, calling your mom or dad or making a mix cd of your own and pass that around as's pretty eye-opening when you see how many people you know and love are around you.

Now that you're all inspired and eager to show how cheesy you are, be nice to yourself and listen to some good music. Oh yeah...Happy Valentine's Day!

{You can hear the playlist by using the music player here and then download the songs you like below! Save time by multi-tasking: check your email, facebook, myspace while listening...}

{Click on song title to download, we use yousendits so just open it in another window. Click on the artist/band name for more info!}
  1. If You Rescue Me (Afterhours melody-Velvet Underground) | Gael Garcia Bernal & Co. *
  2. Annie Waits | Ben Folds *
  3. Cheated Hearts | Yeah Yeah Yeahs #
  4. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes | Beck #
  5. Angel In The Snow | Elliott Smith *
  6. Overs (live) | Simon & Garfunkel *
  7. Mon Amie La Rose | Francoise Hardy #
  8. Bulletproof | Rilo Kiley #
  9. She Moves In Her Own Way | The Kooks *
  10. Free | Cat Power #
* anne's picks
# charlie's picks

Bonus track!
Careless Whisper {live cover} | Ben Folds feat. Rufus Wainwright

Love, Team Camera Crowd
(Anne and Charlie)


Anonymous said...

the careless whisper cover is the shiznits!! can you repost it so we can download it. i want to play it on my college radio show.
great site!

a camera in the crowd said...

sure thing, sorry we didn't realize the link didn't work! yeah this cover always makes me smile.