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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Anticipate: Explosions in the Sky gearing up for a long tour for new album

We were promised a tour by Explosions in the Sky and since that early November news, it's now time for the tour to kick off! 2007 is sounding better everyday with new albums, upcoming tours and the crazy festival lineups we're seeing coming out. EITS will start their tour in Brooklyn on Feb. 19th at Warsaw and then jet to Europe for the rest of February and come back to the US for a nice, long tour.

They're actually going to revisit Europe two times during the tour to give fans a chance to see them if they missed them the first time around and if that's not forgiving enough, you get a third chance to see them at All Tomorrow's Parties VS. The Fans at Somerset with a nice lineup of Modest Mouse, The Books, Band of Horses, Do Make Say Think, Built to Spill, Grizzly Bear and more! For a full list of tour dates and links to buy tickets go here. For everyone in Japan, Taiwan and Australia, hold in those complaints:
We are also really excited that we will be playing the Coachella festival for the first time (in April), and All Tomorrow's Parties again (in May). There will likely be other festivals in the summer, and we're working on tour dates for later in the year as well, including Japan and Taiwan and Australia, we hope.
Two beautiful things happening on Feb. 20th, their new album, All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone will release for the US and Canada and they also will play on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, so that will be interesting to see how they try to shorten their set, but here is how it'll debut for the rest of the world:

Feb. 2nd Japan (Human Highway Records)
Feb. 17th Australia (Spunk Records)
Feb. 19th Europe (Bella Union)

To buy the album with the remix CD shop at an independent record store in your neighborhood and not at the big chain stores, we're told that they won't have that special version available. The remix features Four Tet, Adem, Jesus, Mountains, Eluvium and The Paper Chase each remaking a song off the new EITS album. Eluvium and The Paper Chase will join EITS on tour for most of the dates.

For more information on their upcoming tour, EITS keeps fans with a mailing list and their homepage, to sign up for their mailing list scroll to the bottom of their site. For more information on the history of Explosions in the Sky, downloads, short gists on each album on their discography and details of their new album, please visit our post or mail it to a friend who you think might like EITS, but haven't gotten around to listening to them: Why you should listen to Explosions in the Sky.

There is also a great interview with Munaf (guitarist) and Michael (bassist) on A Slice of the Shiny, you can listen and download it here. They talk about their exhaustive tour in 2004, where Munaf actually passed out at a show in Belgium and also discusses how the albums parallel what has happened with Explosions in the Sky since they formed in 1999:

Well, I think each album has had it's own theme. For example, we're four records in now, so our first record, "How Strange, Innocence", it was quite that, it was a very innocent attempt, at making music and writing an album, we were very young and almost naive to an extent.

Then we moved onto the next record, "Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live " which was very war-oriented and that became it's theme, a lot of marching, the idea of battle.

From that, we moved to "The Earth Is Not A Dead, Cold Place", which was our version of a romantic album, we wanted to write love songs, this was our version of love songs and then it came to this one, "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone", which was this feeling of solitude and loneliness and I think that that is possibly something maybe in our subconscious we were really feeling and experiencing over the last couple years.

Because like I said, we went from everyday being in a new city, being surrounded by a lot of people just in the days of hundred miles of an hour, just stopping. And It became quite silent. In all of our rooms, in kind of in our lives, it was by our own volition, we wanted it to stop, and so that's where we were...all of a sudden I miss everyone. It was this long feeling of loneliness and what have you, so that was the kind of progression in what has led us to this point. Now, with the next album, well I don't know, we'll see when we get to that point.

Each of the records, they relate to the moment, the time because that's what we're feeling, innocence to war to love to loneliness and so on.

Stream + Download + Purchase:

Welcome, Ghosts| Explosions in the Sky


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