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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Greetings from New York...

For those who don't know yet, a little over a week ago, I left the grassy green lawn suburban town of Spring, Texas for another type of greenery, the Village aka Greenwich Village aka New York aka the city of the world and I'm sure there are other names it falls under.

I came here with two suitcases full of clothes, extra long twin sheets, and a carry on that held all the CDs that I couldn't part with, I also brought a natural curiosity for what New York's music community would offer me. Of course, the main reason I am here is to attend college, Parsons the New School for Design, one of the eight divisions of The New School and I'm majoring in direct entry photography. Four hours of sleep is considered lucky or so the upperclassmen say, lucky me.

I haven't been to any shows yet, but I've already bought tickets for Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall on the 23rd and Beirut at the Wordless Music Series on the 24th. Hopefully soon though, I'll unearth some New York bands that are worth digging for.

So right now I'll have to work with the ones I do know that reside in my new home, they're all in Brooklyn really, and I guess we'll see if I find any or not in these next oh...four years.
(hint: this is the time + place to namedrop any bands, venues, restaurants, record stores, upcoming shows, anyplace, event you love that reside, take place in New York/Brooklyn.)

Download + More:

See Her, Seer
| Inlets

Eastbound | Ola Podrida

The Way To Here | Au Revoir Simone

Easier | Grizzly Bear



Pat said...

I know they have some great bands listed, but avoid Webster at all costs. The sound is shit, the drinks are pricey, and the staff are assholes. Welcome to New York, the music blogger capital of the world!

Anonymous said...

Parsons is a great college. If you ever meet James Lipton, say hi to him. he does this show in one of the auditoriums there on the bravo channel.

besides that, Mccarren pool is pretty cool i hear. YYYs played there last year. williamsburg is full of hipsters.