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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

3 minute entry: The Monks Kitchen

*latest update on 09/12*

I found myself a few weeks ago knee-deep in a completely, utterly, tangled, wonderful mess that a London band called The Monks Kitchen makes. Their music warmed up my room and gently nudged a stack of folded laundry and shifted around a few pictures hanging on the wall to make it feel more like home. It's the kind of mess where you know exactly where everything is and if you tilt your head you can instantly hear the guitar part by itself, the bass stands out stockstill, and the drums march on alone, but tilt your head the other way they all join hands and soon enough you hear the whole song alive settling into your furniture, your room, your home.

The Monks Kitchen is comprised of four childhood friends and is due to release a six-track EP called The Wind May Howl on Sept. 17th. Their sound calls upon some of Simon & Garfunkel's friendly acoustic charm and Bishop Allen's homemade feel, and their wandering, mellow melodies could sit comfortably and play tic-tac-toe with Midlake's own.

Their debut EP, The Wind May Howl will drop down its six tracks on Sept. 17th. Right now you can hear its single, "Bringing Hurricanes" on their MySpace, so trust me and click on over to their page. We may or may not get a track for readers to download in the near future, so just sit tight. For the ones who are lucky to call England home though, The Monks Kitchen will be playing a handful of shows starting Sept. 8th.

To purchase the single or to pre-order the EP if you live elsewhere, just order it online here.

Tour Dates:

09-08 London - The Gladstone
09-13 London - Louvana
09-18 London - The Proud Galleries *The English Maid (a boat!)*
09-23 Birmingham - This is Tomorrow
09-28 Manchester - Up At the Redbricks
09-30 Nottingham - The Maltcross


» The Monks Kitchen Official MySpace
» Purchase single/Pre-order the EP
» More info on the tour


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