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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Team Camera Crowd No. 3

Well, another three months has passed and we're now welcoming our third group of guest photographers onto Camera Crowd's photoblog. Hence the name of our blog, we are both a music & photography blog and with the endless possibilities that the Internet offers we somehow had this idea of building a tight-knit photography community online with this photoblog and getting people to participate posting. In turn giving well-deserved exposure to young talented photographers around the world and it's also a nice way to let music lovers to rest their ears for a moment and open their eyes to the possibility that there is something outside of a computer screen. We're just teasing, we love/hate our laptops as much as you do.

Charlie & I are still learning how to find our way around this tricky blogosphere, so thank you for reading and growing up with us. To everyone who's reading and/or went through the application process, you have no idea how much your participation means to us. Thank you.

Alright, so go ahead and get acquainted with the three photographers who will be showing their work from now till the end of August. Click on their names below to check out some of their photography on their Flickrs now and in the future, thumbnails of the two latest photos on the photoblog will be shown on the top right sidebar of this blog.

Congratulations to Marina, Birdie and Ian! David Bowie knows how to party it up, so let's dance!

Marina Chu from San Francisco, California

"You never really know what's going to happen in the city. Something exciting is always happening and you have to capture that moment or else it'll pass by in no time."
Birdie Michaels from San Marcos, Texas
"What’s more exciting than making a piece of art in a matter of seconds? The world, along with the human body is remarkably unique and beautiful. Technology has enabled us to not only to embrace these things, but also look back on the way they were, share it with others, and start to see them in a more artistic way."
Ian Witlen from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Photography is my life, plain and simple. Both of my parents are artists, so needless to say I grew up with strong background in art. Though I always thought I would end up a scientist, I wasn’t happy in the field of science and realized my true love has always been photography. If I’m not taking photos for myself, I am assisting commercial and fashion photographers."

~ anne and charlie

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