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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Release: Magic Bullets

Charlie's back! I didn't really go anywhere, the month of May just kept me on my toes and I was swamped with a lot of things, but school's over now and I can get back to writing again so yeah. Okay let's get down to it.

Although you've probably forgotten by now, I introduced Magic Bullets to you guys last November. I fell in love right after I saw them perform with Voxtrot. I've been waiting since then for their debut album to come out. And finally, today is the official worldwide release of, a CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in Love. With this release, I can finally enjoy ten simple and short yet powerful songs instead of only three (heatstroke, lay low, new kicks) that were available over six months ago.

The album kicks off with "Yesterday's Seen Better Days", it starts off with a sweet guitar riff that you just want to hear over and over again. Then several of my old favourites follow up after that including "Heatstroke", "Lay low", and my new favourite "Will Scarlett".

It's definitely what I expected from these bay area guys. The album makes you dance, snap your fingers, and bob your head from time to time without breaking a sweat. It's that distinct calm, and collected yet upbeat sound I crave for whenever I'm getting ready to spend a day at San Francisco. Basically, Magic Bullets starts of my day and recharges me just like a can of caffeinated red bull would. Yes, it gives me wings. So please, check them out, they'll be touring the west coast soon.

Yesterday's Seen Better Days | Magic Bullets

Heatstroke | Magic Bullets


  1. Yesterday's Seen Better Days
  2. Heatstroke
  3. Lay Low
  4. Will Scarlett
  5. Short Circuit
  6. Circumstances
  7. New Kicks
  8. Tender Throes
  9. Spilled Milk
  10. Spent Nights

>>> Homepage
<<< Myspace
>>> Purchase the CD ( It's also available on and Itunes)


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