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Monday, June 12, 2006

Trust me, this is not about James Blunt and/or his annoying song.

You are Beautiful Series

I was inspired to start a series like this after seeing a sticker on a trash can a couple of months ago in the streets of San Francisco. I decided to go for it not just because it was a good idea, but my portfolio was begging for a break from my usual land/night scapes fotos. I only have 5 fotos in this series right now, but look for it to expand in the future. As usual, comments, opinions, constructive criticism are deeply appreciated.
Click the link to the postcard gallery viewer i setted up to view the fotos.

Postcard Gallery Viewer

Use the spacebar and arrow keys to navigate through the fotos.

These fotos are also available as prints for those of you who wants to purchase some.
They're only available in 5x7.
Prices: 1 for $5.50
2 for $10.00
The whole set for $15.00
Free S&H.
To check out the prints for this series and as well as my other fotos go to
Charlie's flickr
If interested in purchasing a foto, just email me: or

thank you.

-Charlie Lumanlan

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