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Monday, June 05, 2006

all things go

We're back!
To the old followers, many of you know that enteraction totally went off the radar when summer ended. So here it is, old school and new school kids, we now have a camera in the crowd, different name, same idea. This won't be your little school girl's summer fling, we plan to have this running hopefully for a couple of years or so. Throughout the months to come, we'll be allowing other photographers to apply for posting priviliges, where they can post samples of their portfolio or post songs from up and coming indie bands. And of course, your ticket to get in is your portfolio, we'll have a couple of people review it, so make sure to limit those flower and doorknob shots of yours. If you're dying to know more, just hit the link to our profile on the right.

Let's kick it off shall we?

It's summer, it's hot, it's time to lay out in the sun and increase the risk of you getting malignant melanoma. But before you splatter a handful of that sun tan lotion, make sure these tracks are playing in your ears.

Kashmir-Surfing the warm industry
This track from the Danish ensamble makes you wish you were ripping the waves of California instead of lying in the sun and hearing your back sizzle like bacon.

Sufjan Stevens-Chicago
Grab your camera and go on a road trip.

Land of Talk-All my friends
Needs no explanation. Another good band hailing from good ol' Montreal, seriously where would we be without that city, i mean no Arcade Fire, no Lovely Feathers, no Wolf Parade, i can damn go on and on. You can catch Land of Talk this summer with Metric, on the Dog Day Afternoon tour.

Until then...


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