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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have a Happy (Cat Power Covers) Valentine's Day

*02/14/08 at 10:17pm est, edited: reuploaded "How Can I Tell You" and "Sea of Love"
02/17/08 at 8:05pm est edited: reuploaded "How Can I Tell You"*

how can I tell you, that I love you, I love you
I long to tell you, that I'm always thinking of you
I'm always thinking of you
but I can't think of right words to say.

How Can I Tell You (Cat Stevens Cover)
| Cat Power

come with me, my love
to the sea, the sea of love
I wanna tell you
how much I love you

do you remember when we met
that's the day I knew you were mine

Sea of Love (Phil Phillips Cover) | Cat Power

I'm gonna find me a reckless man
razor blades and ice in his eyes
just a touch of sadness in his fingers
thunder and lightning in his thighs

Silver Stallion (Highwaymen Cover) | Cat Power

~camera crowd


Lady Stardust said...

anyway you can repost the cat stevens cover?!


Matt said...

Don't get excited, its just a 29 second clip.

baju muslim zahra said...

even it's sort, just enjoy it :)

Gibson Guitar said...

Amazing cover. It makes me want to get my guitar and make one too!

Ashlee said...

Awesome song! thanks so much for sharing this... unfortunately, these artists stay Under the Radar or UTR for too long :P
hopefully some of these guys catch their lucky break

Lola said...

like this song