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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anticipate: Peter and the Wolf is back with a new album and a tour!

Red Hunter of Peter and the Wolf is back spreading aw-oooohings starting at the CD release party tonight in Austin at Mohawk! So if you're in Austin, go for the love of owls, ghosts, spirits, folky melodies that make your head clear as day! It was a quiet release for the new album, The Ivori Palms and unless you checked his MySpace, you might have believed him when he played his "last" show in Austin a couple months back. Maybe too quiet of a release, because the album is as fantastic as Lightness and his other self-released albums. Hopefully we'll see a studio release for it soon, so I won't have to deal with the puzzled looks and arching eyebrows when I gush about The Ivori Palms.

There are 13 or 14 tracks on the album to listen to again and again, depending on when you pre-ordered the CD, the tracklist may differ from the one tacked on his MySpace. "Where The Summer Goes", "Check Out The River" and "Waiting For A Train" are songs that would've fit perfectly on his self-titled album or the special tour CD, Fireflies. Lovely mellow songs to clear your head to and perhaps slip into a pleasant daydream. So pleasant a dream that when you hear "The Bike of Jonas", you're a little shocked, but oh it's a trippy song. I don't understand how he made or what instruments are used, but whatever it is, it's fantastic! There are also finger-snapping, knee-slapping, ooooh-ing choir songs like "Southern Moon", "Scarlet And Grey" and "Ghost Sandals". If you've heard his work from Experiments In Junk, you'll find some of it lingering in the instrumentation and noise used, but there's an easiness and he makes story-telling and warm melody-making seem easy as pie.

I'm sure there will be a lot of fuss in the days ahead and there is already a lot of it for Iron and Wine and Jose Gonzalez's new releases that I'm rather excited about too, but it's strange to listen to The Ivori Palms, which is technically Peter and the Wolf's fourth release and wonder if anyone else is falling in love with it too. Course Chris from Gorilla vs. Bear is always on top of all Texas artists, you may argue with me as you please, but I still consider Peter and the Wolf an Austin/LA local, you may walk around the earth a hundred times, faraway from familiar faces and that place called home, but home never leaves you! (College is going alright by the way and my heart leaps every time when I see a UT shirt, two times so far.)

To purchase the album, go to their MySpace and click on the image under About Peter and the Wolf or the Buy Now button under the image.

The handmade album came with a piece of paper that explained how the album came to be, that I'll type up a paragraph or two of, oh hell I'll type of the whole thing, I couldn't stand shortening something like this, just pretend you're reading the lovely Blogs Are For Dogs!

Introduction to the album by Redding Hunter

This summer (June through August '07) low on cash and having lost my faithful car of ten years to the trials of touring on American highways, I spent the last of what I had on a plane ticket to a little town in Canada called Peterborough. I'd heard there was no shortage of abandoned 3rd-story warehouses downtown that'd be perfect for hiding out and writing, so I left the country looking for trouble and fun.

I'd been homeless in LA a few years back and missed the days of squatting, busking, and constantly finding adventure. I chose Peterborough because during our previous tour we'd met a very rad dude named Jonas who sold me on the idea of returning. Jonas is a tall, thin, bearded charmer who could easily get by on his jokes alone if he didn't run such a cool studio. He calls it Shuffling Feet, and records/releases his own music as well as the off-radar tunesmiths of his and neighboring cities. Jonas had access to the condemned warehouse above a music store downtown and promised me a key if I ever came back, so I did.

When my plane landed in Toronto, Jonas picked me up and armed me for the summer with an electric lantern, a therma-rest for sleeping on concrete floors, and an old typewriter. more importantly, he loaned me his bike, a cruiser that was so fun to ride I can only describe it the way he did when entrusting it to me: "When you ride this bike you are the mayor of Peterborough."

The room where I would keep to myself all summer was in a barely-standing 100 year old building. My first day there I broke the window trying to swat a wasp; the glass crumbled like it was creme brulee. The power outlets didn't work so I had to discretely run an extension cord downstairs to the music store when using my only piece of equipment: a borrowed 8-track recorder. And I wasn't supposed to be there, of course, which meant working all night by light of the latern and going out to sleep in the park during the day under mostly clear summer skies.

It was heaven. I was and remain cash-low but I strutted around town like I owned the place; I felt like the richest dude in the world.

Once in awhile I'd get lonely at night or not feel like working, so I would ride Joner's bike around town, talk to bums, drink scotch, and find ways to kill time til the sun rose and I could sleep in the park without hassle. During one such morning nap I dreamt I met Dan Eldon, who has been my hero ever since I learned of his expeditions across Africa and his great humanitarianism. In the dream I told him of doubts I didn't even realize I'd been having: how I was squatting in a shithole far away from my family and friends, unsure if I would finish my project and return with a new record to share, feeling stranded and blah blah. I led him to my dirty room with the broken window and the typewriter, which he calmly surveyed and said, "You're not living in a condemned building. This is The Ivori Palms." A neon sign blinked outside my window with tacky Florida resort-style pink palm trees and cursive lettering complete with misspelling. I woke up in the park, had my album title, and got back to work.

if you pre-ordered early on you might've gotten this order...
  1. Where Summer Goes
  2. Scarlet And Grey
  3. The Bike Of Jonas
  4. Check Out The River
  5. Ghost Sandals (Live)
  6. The Ivori Palms
  7. Southern Moon
  8. Waiting For A Train
  9. A Hundred Days
  10. Sparks (Live)
  11. The Traveler And The County Boys
  12. Better Days
  13. The Lighthouse
final tracklisting
  1. Where Summer Goes
  2. Scarlet And Grey
  3. Check Out The River
  4. Ghost Sandals (Live)
  5. Waiting For A Train
  6. Southern Moon
  7. The Bike Of Jonas
  8. The Ivori Palms
  9. A Hundred Days
  10. The Lighthouse
  11. Better Days
  12. The Beggar's Waltz
  13. The Traveler And The County Boys
  14. Sparks (Live)
Tour Dates:
09-23 Austin, TX - Mohawk (CD Release Party!)
09-27 Dallas, TX - The Cavern
09-28 Springdale, AK - Pontiac
09-29 Columbia, MI - it's a backyard party!
09-30 Rock Island, IL - Huckleberry's Pizza Parlour
10-01 St. Louis, MS - Billiken Club
10-03 Riverview, MI - Cloak and Dagger House
10-05 Lancaster, Michigan - The Sugar Tank
10-06 Annapolis, ML - Wiley's
10-07 New York, NY - TBA
10-10 Rochester, NY - Bug Jar*
10-11 Scranton, PA - Test Pattern*
10-12 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern*
10-13 Grand Rapids, MI - The DAAC*
10-14 Chicago, IL - AV-aeire*
10-19 Fort Worth, TX - The Modern
10-26 Los Angeles, CA - Pehrspace^
11-01 Santa Cruz, CA - The Bike Church^
11-03 Oakland CA - Mama Buzz^
11-04 San Francisco, A - Hemlock^
^Foot Foot

Stream + Download + Purchase:

Where Summer Goes | Peter and The Wolf

Traveler And The County Boys | Peter and The Wolf

The Bike Of Jonas | Peter and The Wolf


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